Awesome Commercial Pimps Oil for Robots (video)

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Robots stand in for cars, but also people, in the cool new ad from Total.

We keep finding new ways to incorporate robotics into our culture. French oil company Total is advertising their new lubricant with a great commercial featuring a horde of humanoid bots running a marathon. Filmed in three countries (Lebanon, Dubai, Brazil), the commercial depicts some really cool looking robots leaping, running, and dying with very human-like ambition. And of course the winning bot chugs Total brand oil lubricants like Gatorade the entire time. Developed by CLM BBDO, the ad features the slogan "make your engine an athlete of the road." We've been personifying our cars since they were first created, but I think it's really interesting that now this anthropomorphism is taking a detour through robotics. Are robots becoming the cultural bridge that links humanity to all other machines? Enough of my musings, check out the sweet robot action in the video below. Run, robot, run!

[screen capture and video credits: Total]
[source: Total (FR), Le PubliGeekAire (FR)]

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  • Joey1058 October 6, 2010 on 1:30 am

    “Are robots becoming the cultural bridge that links humanity to all other machines?” In a word, No. Humanity has been linked to machines since humanity has walked the planet. The difference is the complexity of the machines themselves. We’ve gone from a wheel and an inclined plane to industrial robots that do everything from tool changing to pulling trains on the nation’s railroads. Our obvious next step would seem to be commercial and household robots, but even those need to take the back seat to things like lawn mowers, and washing machines. Humanoid bots are going to be toys for the well to do for a while up the road yet.

  • Yan-Erik Decorde October 6, 2010 on 7:51 pm

    Nice evolution since the Duracell Bunny!
    The Citroen C4 did a Dancing Transformer advertisement as “technology best friend”
    But its nice to the I Robot style being spread as friendly meme.

  • Gruff Davies October 6, 2010 on 9:39 pm

    Superb. Watching the real robot locomotion videos, it’s not hard to believe this will be real in a few years time…

  • Schifferdavid October 8, 2010 on 2:05 am

    It already feels like they are leaving us behind. Speaking of being left behind here is a thought:

    I don’t think that AI is an existential risk. It is going to be more of a golden opportunity. For some not for all.

    Given that most people oppose AI on various basis (religious, economic) chances are it will be implemented in a small group, and very few people will get to benefit from it. Wealthy people would probably be the first to use it.

    This isn’t a regular technology and it will not go first to the rich and then to everybody else, like it happened with the phones or computers in a couple of decades. This is where Kurzweil is wrong.

    Can someone imagine the dynamics of a group that has access to AI for 20-30 years?

    I doubt that after 20 or 30 years, heck even after 10 years, they would need any money so the assumption that it will be shared with the rest of the world for financial reasons doesn’t seem founded.

    So I am trying to save and figure what would be the cost of entry in this club.

  • Deano... October 20, 2010 on 1:50 am

    Robots that kill. mass produced and sold to anyone with the money. unstoppable. self reproducing. not far away now. end of days.

  • David Steele November 17, 2010 on 7:26 am

    The robots designs look like a rip off of the ones featured in Muhsinah’s Yiy Music video