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New Trailer For Singularity University’s Futuremed 2011 Executive Program

Futuremed 2011Why should you educate yourself about the future of medicine? Singularity University has a dozen reasons they want to share. In preparation for their upcoming Futuremed executive program, SU has released a trailer that highlights some of the rapid changes that are shaping the medical industry. The exponentially falling costs of genome sequencing, the rapidly advancing age of the population, the use of artificial intelligence to review documents – these are a few of the forces that are pushing us to transform medicine into an information science. As that evolution occurs, Singularity University is dedicated to helping doctors, industry leaders, and students anticipate what new challenges the future may hold. May 10th to May 15th, SU will host Futuremed 2011 at NASA’s Ames facility in Silicon Valley. Its series of lectures, site visits, and forums will expose you to the cutting edge of biotechnology, robotics, informatics and more. Watch the trailer below and see if you’re interested in attending Futuremed 2011 – registration is still open.

As we mentioned a month ago, Futuremed 2011 doesn’t exactly have a cheap price tag: $7500 with limited scholarships available for those in academia. Yet over the past few years Singularity University has proven that it can provide an educational experience you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world. Check out the schedule of events on their site – looks like they’ll be going to Intuitive Surgical (makers of the DaVinci surgery robot) among other destinations. Whether they’re focusing on medicine, or looking at a broad range of fields, SU has a strong commitment to helping the rising generation of leaders harness exponential trends for the good of all humanity. This past year’s graduating class from the summer program dreamed up a dozen new ways to help a billion people in the next decade. Should be interesting to see what changes Futuremed 2011 can produce in five days.

[image and video credit: Singularity University]
[source: Futuremed 2011]


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