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  1. why06
    April 15, 2011

    The ability to fight wars anywhere, anytime, forever, without any human casualties. I love AI, and am proud of our military, but sometimes I question, why when everyone else seems to have calmed down after WW2 and the Cold War America keeps amassing weapons. Though not WMDs anymore, are military might has not only remained as it same height of power it was at war time, but has continued to grow. ANd every few odd years we find some country to blow up. I understand there are tyrants, but it seems like at some point military leaders rejoice at some new dictator saying “Great! Something to blow up.”

    Here’s a comparison I saw on another site:

    Military Defense Spending and Budgets
    USA – $515,400,000,000
    China – $59,000,000,000
    Russia – $43,200,000,000

    Aerial-Based Weapons
    USA – 18,169
    China – 1,900
    Russia – 3,888

    Navy Ships
    USA – 1559
    China – 760
    Russia – 526

    Aircraft Carriers
    USA – 12
    China – 1
    Russia – 1

    USA – 50
    China – 21
    Russia – 15

    I’m sorry, but frankly it tacks me off every time I hear about budget cuts, and people are willing to put “everything on the table” besides the military. Even Obama, went back on his Iraq promise. Why do we need to be able destroy any country in the world in a week. There’s no country even remotely close to us militarily, why must we police the entire world. I’m not sayin a military isn’t important, but when the time comes, we have allies. Or at least we should if we truly are in the right. I’m all for DARPA, and military research, but I’m not for the bases and outposts in the Middle East, why we need to keep entire fleets of Aircraft Carries, at the ready at all times to strike at a moments notice. Maybe one or two, but 12? I’m sorry I may get flamed for this, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t understand it. If it requires this much military for freedom, well I’ll take my chances with the terrorists.

    • Spellinator
      April 19, 2011

      While this may be true, it is possible that the numbers you show are not accurate. Regardless, it does seem like we spend far too much on military pursuits. I’m afraid that we will not be able to maintain this level of military spending and 10 years from now, the numbers may be in favor for the other guys.

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