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Perhaps not as eye-catching as a police car, the latest hack on MIT still got the government's attention.

War to Free Information Continues: Thousands of Academic JSTOR Documents Uploaded to Pirate Bay

Greg Maxwell is just the latest soldier to emerge from the “hacktivist” camp in the battle for open information–or, maybe I should say reinforcement. A day after... more

Written By: | Posted: 07/28/11

Jawbone's UP wristband will bring innovation to health monitoring.

Jawbone Raises $70M, Readies To Launch A Health Tracking Wristband Later This Year

Jawbone, the sleek line of innovative Bluetooth headsets, is seriously on the move raising funds from venture capitalists who have opened the coffers. Only four months... more

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Anybots Ramps Up To Bring Telepresence Robot Revolution

Are you ready to test drive your robot? At $15,000 Anybots' QB telepresence platform is priced like a car, drives like a Segway, and is as easy to control as riding a bike.... more

Written By: | Posted: 07/26/11

Temptation of Google Plus

Don’t Look For Me On Facebook, I’ve Moved To Google+

It's time to pack my bags and move to a new social network. Who's with me? Google+ has been available for less than a month but it has gathered incredible momentum.... more

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Borders: For Whom The Bell Tolls

The End of Borders Is A Win For Technology, Authors and Readers

We’re witnessing the end of an era as Borders, the second largest brick-and-mortar chain bookstore behind Barnes & Noble, liquidates its inventory and closes all... more

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Human Dog hybrid feature

UK Plans for Human Animal Genetic Hybrids

Britain is planning for a future present when human and animal genes are mixed. As scientists continue to use human genes implanted in animals to create new medicines and... more

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Shazam works quickly to identify the song title and artist that's playing in the background.

Shazam Keeps Rolling — Popular App Names Songs and Shows Just By ‘Listening’

If you’ve never heard of the mobile app, Shazam, here’s how a late-night TV ad might pitch it: How annoying is it when you hear a song you like but you don’t know... more

Written By: | Posted: 07/25/11

Need to identify suspects instantly? There's an app for that.

Police Across The US To Use Face Scanners To ID Suspects

Law enforcement continues to adopt new technologies in an effort to make their jobs easier and keep us safer. The latest gizmo attaches to officers’ iPhones and turns... more

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