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  1. Joe Nickence
    March 8, 2012

    I did see the Bond music video on YouTube originally. I think I’ve reached a saturation point as far as the general field of robotics is concerned. While it was “cute” as far as the tech level was concerned, my reaction was “ho-hum”.

    I used to go nuts whenever I saw a magazine or newspaper article about even a geeky kid’s robot from from wood scraps and Erector set parts in his basement. Yesterday I watched a public safety announcement from Honda, featuring Asimo teaching kids (in surprisingly good English) how to cross a street. And my reaction to that was also “ho-hum”.

    Robotics, while not a ubiquitous appliance, has become an every day occurrence. Nobody (with the possible exception of Aaron) gets excited over robots anymore. And until robots DO become ubiquitous appliances, I think the field will become a niche field of study. Today’s kids will think of robots as government toys that spy and shoot at people. That’s, well, frankly not a great development.

  2. arpad
    March 9, 2012

    “Terminator” is now, officially, ruined. How can anyone fear the onset of a robotic despotism with that video in mind?

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