“The Future Is Ours” Video Inspires Hope In Technology And Human Progress

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"The Future Is Ours" video profiles those who are shaping the future with their vision and optimism.

In a recent TED talk titled "Abundance Is Our Future," Peter Diamandis points out that though the amygdala in our brains may continually draw our attention toward negative news stories -- and therefore help perpetuate a pessimistic view that the world is getting worse -- the technological progress over that last century should fill us with an incredible optimism about the future. In homage to Peter's message as well as the work of many entrepreneurs, innovators, and scientists, a new video called "The Future Is Ours" inspires this hope in technology with a mashup of presentations, speeches, and YouTube videos.

Michael Marantz, who created the video, wrote in the comments, "The future excites me so much, that is why I made this video. We need to be inspired by the immense possibilities of the future and work extremely hard to achieve them. We can do it, we just have to commit." It has been watched over 300,000 times on Vimeo in the week since its release.

Check it out and ask yourself, "What vision of the future rings more true: the bleakness of the evening news or the brightness of 'The Future Is Ours'?"

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Discussion — 3 Responses

  • Neurosys July 17, 2012 on 12:57 pm

    Most of the people I speak to today are a bit hung up on one or two visions of the future. Either an Orwellian dystopia or some fanatical religious doomsday. I guess some of us are more optimistic than others, or just not so eager to accept a preordained demise. My vision and hope for the future is more like this one, more like Max K and Aubrey’s, I see opportunity for abundance and enhanced well being, in very tangible areas such as health and access to resources. Can we really accept, this point as ‘as far as we should go’? How? There is much work to do still.

  • shauncoates23 July 17, 2012 on 5:19 pm

    I love this video and I will certainly endeavour to create a future that is brighter than today.

  • Kristof July 18, 2012 on 10:13 am

    The girl’s face hearing music for the first time in her life chokes me up everytime, Im sure that moment made all of the hard work put in by the people developing that technology worth it and renewed their efforts to continue to refine the tech involved. Amazing!