Exclusive SH Interview With Ray Kurzweil: New Book ‘How to Create A Mind’ November 13

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Hey Hub Readers,

You may have heard that Ray Kurzweil's latest book "How to Create a Mind" is due to be released November 13.  In anticipation of the launch of his new book, I'll be interviewing Kurzweil one on one this Saturday.  We'll be sure to post a video of the interview here on SH as soon as we can, hopefully on Monday.  Singularity Hub Members will have the opportunity to submit their questions for possible inclusion into the interview, so if you aren't a member yet you've now got one more reason to head on over to our membership page and give the membership a try.

Kurzweil Promotes New Book: 'How To Create A Mind'

Kurzweil's book on how to create a mind is sure to bring some new spin, as well as plenty of debate to a highly controversial topic.  Many claim that the human brain is too complex and too mysterious to be understood or replicated within our lifetimes, if ever.  Others (many who regularly read this site!) on the other hand, recognize that technologies such as Siri and IBM's Watson have already made impressive progress in mimicking human intelligence.  In the next 20, 50, and 80 years, who is to say how far humankind will take this trend?  Will human level intelligence, or even greater than human intelligence, be created entirely in machines and software, or perhaps in some combination of man and machine?  Kurzweil would argue, in fact, that our smartphones connected to the cloud already represent an extension of our intelligence, and thus we already possess a very real form of superhuman intelligence relative to humans only a decade ago!

Although the book doesn't come out until November, Kurzweil is running a pretty awesome promotion for those that want to pre-order ahead of time.  I'd say if you know you want the book, you'd be hard pressed to get a better deal than the one below:

"HOW TO CREATE A MIND - The Secret of Human Thought Revealed" today and receive this exclusive offer valued at more than $1200!
- 34% off retail price
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This offer is valid through October 26, 2012.

Go here to pre-order: http://howtocreateamind.net/pre/order



Discussion — 7 Responses

  • Sergio123Cabral October 11, 2012 on 5:34 pm

    This sound a very inspirational thing to do in these days: Read a no-Scifi book about a Scifi topic. ( or vice-versa ). In facto , these days, is very dificult write some thing that can be a really pure Scifi. We are near to have pratically everything be a possible reality near us. At least , Ray will succeed in that way.

  • Blake Hall October 11, 2012 on 11:12 pm

    I usually find Ray’s stuff to be kind of like “Transhumanism for Dummies”, which there is certainly nothing wrong with. It seems his general goal has always been teaching people the basics, or at least getting them to think in a different than they usually would. Though someone entrenched in transhumanism can get tired of hearing the same schick for years.

    I still find his books entertaining to read. Even if they have nothing new or informative, they are a big breath of fresh air to counteract all the doomsday paranoia and deranged cynicism plaguing mainstream society.

  • Tracy R. Atkins October 12, 2012 on 7:28 am

    I am really excited to read Kurzweil’s latest. He has always provided a thought-provoking and entertaining read. Count me in!

    -Tracy R. Atkins

  • Gauss156 October 12, 2012 on 6:24 pm

    Already pre-ordered, and looking forward to it. 🙂 The expansions to HTM theory will be most welcome.

  • yavor October 15, 2012 on 10:35 am

    “If the war is the father of invention, than the play is the mother”- Ray Kurzweil
    “Intelligence can not be controlled” – Ray Kurzweil
    The most important things in the book of Ray Kurzweil (The Syngularity is Near), for me, and I never forget this two things!
    The other predictions may be is not very accurate, but smart people can read between the sentences and can extract the essence. For this line of reasoning I think that Ray Kurzweil is not only so smart, but is very brave to create such book and deserve applause!

    Yavor Martinov

    • Gabor yavor October 17, 2012 on 10:41 am

      Where can I see the interview?!? Is it posted yet?

      • Keith Kleiner Gabor October 17, 2012 on 2:44 pm

        We are editing the video now. Hope to release it in 2 days. Thanks for waiting!