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  1. eldras
    November 26, 2012

    Another great article Danny, thanks. My friend, now 104, has 4 pacepakers (they leave the old ones in) and his problem was always when the batteries would run out.

    Buts of our bodies, including our brains are being incrementally replaced.

    Somewhere in the late 2020′s with accelerating technology we should be able to replace EVERYTHING.

    Although there are local small wars, major wars look defeated by communications technology, and vast wealths are being generated to drive venture.

    Economics is a massive leader for mankind. The funding of A.I. is the biggest thing ever and rejuvenation as well as Quantum Archaeology (raising the ancient dead) are being regarded more seriously.

    Sci-fi wont be enough to make predictions. Greg Bear…worthy of a Nobel prize for literature – if the old gits fumbling the papers ever read EON! …predicts dimension hopping and time travel. But it must be most astounding as we hit the quantum world in medicine.

    Nanomachines and then quantum machines are going to make stuff possible beyond dreams. And then more.

    I agree how the prothetics are powered is important. it might be easy to cenvert waste materials to energy?



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