Hwawei's IDEOS smartphone is making waves in Kenya.

$80 Android Phone Sells Like Hotcakes in Kenya, the World Next?

It seems like just yesterday when only the slickest kid on the block had a smartphone, but now, this revolutionary gadget is selling like hotcakes in the developing... more

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AIDS Turns 30: Are We Close to a Cure?

An early headline of the AIDS epidemic (New York Times, 1981). The condition made patients vulnerable to Kaposi's sarcoma, a rare cancer. On June 5th, 1981, the Morbidity... more

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The Rise of Netflix and the Future of Home Entertainment

Our entertainment habits and the nature of our online life are shifting beneath our feet. According to Sandvine, a network analytics firm, Netflix is now the reigning... more

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Rows and rows of file folders?  WTF!!

No More Medical Record Hell – Startup Looks to Bring Doctors And Patients Into The Digital Age

If Practice Fusion has their way, your doctor's office is about to get an upgrade - big time. Like other electronic health records (EHR) systems, Practice Fusion empowers... more

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Thought-Wired Allows Disabled to Control Home Appliances with Mind Alone

If you’re one of the millions affected by severe disabilities, you should pay close attention to three innovative, pure-hearted Aucklanders who are whipping up a fresh... more

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Brazilian “RoboCop” Security Goggles Over-Hyped, We’ve Got the Real Facts

For most, the eyes and face are windows to the soul, but for the bad guys at the 2014 World Cup, it could be a ticket to incarceration. Brazilian authorities are... more

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Rise of the Machines

Skynet Becomes Aware, Launches Nuclear Attack On Humanity

Hide ya kids, hide ya wife! According to the Terminator franchise, at 8:11 PM today (April 19th), the military-designed artificial intelligence system called Skynet will... more

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With NZT, we should expect an earth-shattering performance by Bradley Cooper in The Hangover 2

Limitless Movie Thrills, But What’s The Future of Smart Pills?

Limitless is a film about Eddie Morra, a man who just wants to do his best. He’s ingesting a smart drug, or nootropic, named NZT-48 to take his cognitive abilities to... more

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Scientist Records 230,000 Hours of Son’s Childhood: What It Means and What’s Next

The unexamined life is not worth living. – Socrates When Deb Roy’s son invites his girlfriend over for dinner with his family, there will be much more than photo... more

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As Safer Fetal Genetic Tests Arrive, Abortions Could Rise

photo © 2007 lunar caustic | more info (via: Wylio) The impending  arrival of non-invasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPD) will allow more parents than ever before to discover... more

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The Gostai Jazz Telebot Brings French Style to Mobile Telepresence

7:00 AM PST- Investor meeting in Berlin 12:00 PM PST- Lunch with wife in Seattle 2:00 PM PST- Walk and talk with CTO in NYC How is this schedule humanly possible?... more

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Paging Dr. Watson: AI Jeopardy! Soon To Be Physician’s Assistant

Will you ever be treated by Dr. Watson? Not Sherlock Holmes’s right-hand man, but the AI Jeopardy! champion who's poised to be a sidekick for future physicians. IBM and... more

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