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Algorithm Hunts Rare Genetic Disorders from Facial Features in Photos

Even before birth, concerned parents often fret over the possibility that their children may have underlying medical issues. Chief among these worries are rare genetic... more

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Dr. Franken-Tree, I Presume: Using Biotechnology to Battle Extinction

In thirty years of covering (as an author/journalist) and working on (as an entrepreneur/activist) both ecological issues and technological breakthroughs, I’ve come to the... more

Written By: | Posted: 06/24/14

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Researchers Add New Letters to Life’s Genetic Alphabet

DNA isn’t just a blueprint that gathers dust once the building — you or me — is built. Rather, it is an active factory with assembly lines to run all the processes in... more

Written By: | Posted: 05/30/14

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Biotech’s Brave New World: Push One To Create Life; Push Two To Create Alien Life

It’s been a good month for miracles. And by miracles I mean our oldest miracle, that first miracle, the creation of life itself. During these first weeks in May, two... more

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Link Between Mom’s Diet at Conception and Child’s Lifelong Health, Study Reveals

There’s an imposing volume of research that shows that children raised in poverty are more likely to have lousy health outcomes. But while many studies have tried to nail... more

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Have researchers found the ‘fattening gene’?

Collaborating German and Japanese scientists have studied mice lacking a gene that plays a central role in energy metabolism. Their findings? The mice maintain their... more

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The Surprising Medical Value of Poop

“The next-gen DNA sequencing is turning out to be a Swiss Army knife for all kinds of bio analysis,” Raymond McCauley, the head of Singularity University’s genetics... more

Written By: | Posted: 04/26/14


Jason Silva’s Latest: To Be Human Is to Be Transhuman

The term ‘transhuman’ inevitably (for me) summons grotesque visions of humans and machines merging into a Borg-like race bent on eradicating biological imperfection.... more

Written By: | Posted: 04/1/14

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