What We’re Reading This Week

It's Friday and that means it's time to share stories and tech that we've been reading, thinking about, and passing round within the Singularity Hub team this... more

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Your Legacy: Getting Off This Rock

We just celebrated the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. The fact that we went to the Moon with 1960s technology is extraordinary. The fact that we never... more

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Skully Motorcycle Helmet Not Quite Iron Man, But a Taste of Our Augmented Reality Future

If Tony Stark designed a motorcycle helmet, it might look a little like Skully. Sleek black (or white) with an aerodynamic fin. A visor that changes tint at the touch... more

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3D model of Abraham Lincoln life mask at the Smithsonian.

3D Scanner Digitally Immortalizes Invaluable Masterpieces in Five Minutes Flat

Last year, the Smithsonian opened a virtual museum. With Smithsonian X 3D Explorer users can take a virtual tour of (and even 3D print) high-definition digital models of... more

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Thousand-Robot Swarm Hints at Future Car, Drone, Even Nanobot Collectives

When you think nanorobot, you don’t think just one. Or ten. You think millions or billions. Huge swarms of nanobots may work in concert with each other to accomplish... more

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We Justify Human Suffering Because We’ve Never Had a Choice in the Matter

Buddha believed the way to end human suffering was the regular practice of meditation and introspection. But Buddha didn’t have biotech. If our suffering stems from... more

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wearable techno

This Week’s Awesome Stories from Around the Web

Since last week's reading list was well received, we're serving up another round of the most intriguing articles in science and technology this week. And if you see one... more

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Lab-Grown Neurons Deliver a Real-Time Glimpse Into How the Brain Works

Currently, researchers study the human brain by inference. Because they can’t closely observe a living brain in the lab as its owner goes about his day—they do the... more

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The Innovator’s New Dilemma: The Serious Emotional Toll Of Entrepreneurial Failure

Nobody ever has a bad day in Silicon Valley. Seriously. Not ever. Of course this isn’t true. Every day people have bad days in Silicon Valley. They get fired and... more

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Eavesdrop on Conversations Using a Bag of Chips with MIT’s ‘Visual Microphone’

MIT’s ‘visual microphone’ is the kind of tool you’d expect Q to develop for James Bond, or to be used by nefarious government snoops listening in on Jason Bourne.... more

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Pen that Scans and Draws in Millions of Colors Finally Arrives on Kickstarter

Ever bought a king-size box of colored pencils and marveled at all the names? Burnt sienna, cerulean blue, tuscan red. The world is overflowing with colors, too many to... more

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Top 10 Reasons Drones Are Disruptive

If you think today's drones are interesting, you ain't seen nothing yet. Drones are in their deceptive phase, about to go disruptive. Check out where they're... more

Written By: | Posted: 08/11/14

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