Superstrong Artificial Muscles Developed From Fishing Line and Sewing Thread

We tend to dream of a future enabled by miraculous materials—nanoscale honeycomb lattices of strong, ultralight superconducting metals. Carbon nanotubes and graphene... more

Written By: | Posted: 03/10/14


Controversy Brews Over Role Of ‘Killer Robots’ In Theater of War

Technology promises to improve people's quality of life, and what could be a better example of that than sending robots instead of humans into dangerous situations? Robots... more

Written By: | Posted: 03/9/14


100% Renewable Energy Is Feasible and Affordable, According to Stanford Proposal

One of the greatest promises of the high-tech future, whether made explicitly or implicitly through shiny clean concept sketches, is that we will have efficient energy that... more

Written By: | Posted: 03/8/14


Cheap Devices, Like Mozilla’s $25 Smartphone, to Bring More of Developing World Online

More than ever, the Internet is connecting people to information—if you live in the developed world. According to a recent Pew survey, however, most people in many... more

Written By: | Posted: 03/7/14


In Depth With Jason Silva: Brain Games, Trance States, and The Abomination of Death

Jason Silva talks fast. His enthusiasm is contagious. The future, he says, is going to blow your mind. You have no idea. When I first talked to him, I had no idea. He was... more

Written By: | Posted: 03/6/14


Scientists Control Tiny Mechanical Probes Inside Human Cells

Nanotechnology doesn’t get as much attention these days as genetic and stem cell approaches to medicine, but all three aim to target the causes of illness with greater... more

Written By: | Posted: 03/6/14


Self-Driving Cars Proposed as Solution to U.S. Highway Woes, Saving Money and Lives

In Silicon Valley, there’s someone to argue that a disruptive new technology will solve every problem in this world and the next. For instance, Zendesk recently launched a... more

Written By: | Posted: 03/5/14


Expanded Google Fiber to Bring 10 Gigabit Internet in Coming Years

Google is on a mission to update the web's wiring—and they're not talking a decade or more to do it. Google CFO, Patrick Pichette, recently said his firm is working to... more

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From Scans, Doctors 3D Print Custom Heart Wraps to Deliver Treatments

The buzz about 3D printing can at times give the impression that the technology is a panacea that makes all manufacturing cheaper. The truth is 3D printing has one very... more

Written By: | Posted: 03/4/14


Inside the Future of Healthcare With Singularity University’s Daniel Kraft

The benefits of modern medicine are clear. Lower infant mortality, longer life expectancy, a range of once killer diseases all but eradicated—fewer "therapeutic"... more

Written By: | Posted: 03/4/14


Google Adds Kinect-Like 3D Sensing to New Prototype Smartphones

How does a search firm keep its brand fresh and relevant? Not by talking about search. Google’s mastered the art of baiting the hook with exciting moonshot projects,... more

Written By: | Posted: 03/3/14


Fleet of Toaster-Sized Satellites Will Orbit Earth, Provide Near Real-Time Monitoring

Silicon Valley sprung up on big open stretches of land where military installations had once been. Early semiconductor and computing businesses needed the space. But as... more

Written By: | Posted: 03/2/14

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