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Singularity Hub Membership Update — A Community Excited About The Future

If you're fascinated with the latest news about science, technology, and trends shaping the future, then you've definitely found a home at Singularity Hub where we serve... more

Written By: | Posted: 06/17/13

fox event

Singularity University And Fox Studios Hosting ‘Backstage Pass To The Future’ Event On June 1

This Saturday night, June 1st, Singularity University and FOX Studios are putting on quite a show with an event titled 'Backstage Pass To The Future.' Located on the film... more

Written By: | Posted: 05/31/13

SH 125_#1

Diamandis And Planetary Resources To Build First Crowdfunded Space Telescope For Public Use

Remember Planetary Resources? They're the space firm that announced the jaw-dropping (some might say crazy) goal of mining asteroids last year. Well, they're back. The... more

Written By: | Posted: 05/29/13

SH 60_#1

Diamandis: Tricorder X Prize Offers $10 Million to Build Star Trek Inspired Health Scanner

It’s hard to imagine a Star Trek away team without their tricorders waving back and forth, scanning for life forms. Was there anything those things couldn’t do, and... more

Written By: | Posted: 02/20/13

SH 61_#1

Interview: Diamandis’ Planetary Resources To Claim High Value Asteroids With Robotic Beacons

It’s no secret Peter Diamandis is a spaceman. He’s co-founder of companies like Zero Gravity Corporation and Space Adventures. And his X Prize Foundation’s... more

Written By: | Posted: 02/19/13

SH 59_#1

FutureMed 2013 Kicks Off at Singularity University With Huge Demand, Enthusiasm

FutureMed 2013 has officially arrived. On Monday, Singularity University kicked off day one at their NASA Moffet Field campus, a stone’s throw from Hangar One and the... more

Written By: | Posted: 02/5/13


Peter Diamandis, Part 2 Executive Program December 2012 Singularity University

Singularity University Co-Founder and Chairman Peter Diamandis discusses exponential changes in human development and technology, focusing on how to think in exponential... more

Written By: | Posted: 09/9/12


Peter Diamandis, Part 1 Executive Program December 2011 Singularity University

Singularity University Co-founder and Chairman Peter Diamandis considers what drives innovation and... more

Written By: | Posted: 09/9/12

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