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Lab-Grown Vaginas Provide Normal Sex Lives for Women With Rare Condition

The work of scientists trying to manufacture major human organs like the brain and heart in the lab has generated a lot of buzz, even though it will most likely be decades... more

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Progress in Efforts to Develop Lab-Grown Lungs: Functional Cells

Since the development of induced pluripotent stem cells in 2006, scientists have managed to use the manufactured stem cells like seeds to grow a wide range of tissues and... more

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Delicate Eye Cells Are Latest to Be 3D-Printed

Blindness might just be the first major disability to disappear, at least if our high-tech future takes more a utopian than dystopian bent. A bionic eye is already on the... more

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Healing Damaged Hearts With Stem Cell Implants Gets New Technique

We're much better at saving the lives of those who suffer a heart attack these days. Sadly, many people survive a heart attack only to later succumb to heart failure from... more

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Stem Cell Breakthrough in Mice Points Toward a Way to Repair Tissue in Humans

The field of regenerative medicine hopes one day to be able to produce new, healthy tissues and organs with patients’ own DNA by turning some of the patient's cells into... more

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Scientists Grow Miniature, but Distinctly Human, Brain in the Lab

Austrian researchers have used regenerative techniques to grow a miniature human brain in the lab, they reported recently in the journal Nature. The researchers... more

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Lei Yang, courtesy UPMC

Tiny Lab-Grown Heart Beats On Its Own

Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death worldwide, and doctors have struggled to find effective treatments. Heart failure, an especially dire form of... more

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3D Printed Windpipe Saves Baby’s Life

We all know that 3D printing is going to be a life saver, like when we need a new part for the motorcycle or coffeemaker. But 3D printing is now saving lives – literally.... more

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