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3D Printed Organs, Blood Vessels and All, Takes a Big Step Toward Reality

There’s something a little creepy-sounding about the phrase “lab-grown organs,” but producing human organs in the lab could have a range of such powerful benefits that,... more

Written By: | Posted: 05/5/14


New Inexpensive Skin Test in Development to Diagnose Malaria in an Instant

Malaria is a disease untamed by modern medicine. There’s no vaccine; tests are slow and inaccurate. The disease, meanwhile, kills with terrifying efficiency, sometimes in... more

Written By: | Posted: 01/29/14


Progress in Efforts to Develop Lab-Grown Lungs: Functional Cells

Since the development of induced pluripotent stem cells in 2006, scientists have managed to use the manufactured stem cells like seeds to grow a wide range of tissues and... more

Written By: | Posted: 12/28/13


Programmable Bio-Nano-Chips: First Viable Medical Lab on a Chip?

We often find out too late what's happening inside our bodies when it's stricken by disease or cancer, but those days could be coming to an end. The McDevitt Lab of Rice... more

Written By: | Posted: 02/16/11

NIH Guides Nanomedicine Towards Killing Cancer

There have been many proposed means of killing cancer cells: selective pathogens, irradiation, chemical corrosion of membranes...but my favorite has always been "burn the... more

Written By: | Posted: 12/14/09