Many may recall the public unveiling of Singularity University February 3, 2009.  Since then most people have not heard much about the progress of the University, but rest assured the University is moving full speed ahead.  The University is working tirelessly to recruit a phenomenal faculty and top notch students for its upcoming summer session.

Starting today, and carrying through over the weekend, Singularity Hub’s Keith Kleiner will be joining in on Singularity University’s second curriculum planning meeting, dubbed CPM2.  At this meeting the faculty, advisors, and staff, including Chancellor Ray Kurzweil, and Vice Chancellor Peter Diamandis, will be hammering out many of the details regarding curriculum, workshops, lectures, and overall workings of the University.  Singularity Hub will post updates over the coming days and weeks to keep our readers up to date.  For now, please enjoy a repost of an update that Unversity Executive Director Salim Ismail posted earlier today:

Seven short weeks ago, we announced Singularity University at TED2009.

The launch was extremely well covered – we were on the front page of the Financial Times globally and there were several hundred original stories about it all over the world.  Ray was on Fox news and Wolf Blitzer had us over to CNN’s L.A studios.  And it hasn’t stopped – BusinessWeek has a nice story on us this week.  And of course, along with all the positive stories, there was some constructive criticism as well.  One post, by Jamais Cascio, was particularly lucid.  We had a good phone call with Jamais and he had a couple of great ideas which we’ve since implemented.

The biggest surprise, though, has been the student response.  We’ve received applications from over 70 countries worldwide, with almost 50% coming from outside the U.S. – we’ll analyze the numbers and give a breakdown at a later date.

This weekend, we’re gathering all the track chairs and key advisors for our second Curriculum Planning Meeting (CPM2).  It’s a key event where the track chairs will discuss which interdisciplinary topics to focus on during the 9-week curriculum.  It promises to be enthralling.

Tomorrow evening (Friday), we’ll have a reception and will try and broadcast that live.  Stay tuned to our Twitter feed for details if you want to see what’s going on.

Disclosure: Keith Kleiner is an Associate Founder of Singularity University

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