Humanity Struggles With Augmentation Addiction in Mind-Blowing Deus Ex Trailer


Deus Ex Human Revolution featureHoly Crap, this thing is awesome. Straight from Comic Con comes one of the most amazing and enthralling video game trailers I’ve ever seen. It’s sixteen years in the future, 2027, and the world is in love with human augmentation. Synthetic limbs, improved brains, and all forms of integrated technology are on the market, but they come with a hefty price tag: chemical addiction, poverty, and possible enslavement. That’s the reality of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and its latest trailer, titled “Purity First”, makes it seem as true as the news we see every night on TV. Check out the video below. I’m more than impressed with the world and presentation of Deus Ex, I’m practically giddy over it. Yet I can’t help but wonder, why are we so convinced that future technology will be humanity’s downfall?

Damn but that was a great ride, wasn’t it? I absolutely love how they use hyper-realistic news-like footage. All the little tropes we’ve come to expect – the distorted voices and concealed identities, the commentary from experts, the slick propaganda – are blended together so seamlessly. Absolutely great. And it doesn’t stop with this trailer, mind you. Eidos Montreal, the creators of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, has created a faux website for the primary corporation in the game, Sarif Industries. You have to check it out just to experience how trippy it is. On every angle, Eidos has applied some brilliantly immersive story-telling techniques to build our anticipation for this game.

I just wish it had a better message about the future. You’ve heard me sing this tune before when I reviewed the last (almost equally awesome) trailer for Deus Ex. The effort put into this game is phenomenal, but the pessimism is a little much for me to let pass unchallenged. Human augmentation is just a new form of enslavement? C’mon. Last time I checked, the real world scientists and companies creating artificial eyes and limbs were much more concerned with helping people than turning them into drug-addicted minions.

Meh, maybe great story-telling needs its villains. I wish they didn’t have to be tech-enthusiasts like myself, but what are ya gonna do? Fear of the future is practically an entertainment industry standard. You keep turning me off with your hate for transhumanism, but I can’t stay mad at you, Deus Ex. …You’re just too damn pretty.

[screen capture and video credits: Eidos Montreal]
[source: Deus Ex]