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Monthly Archives: August 2011

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AI vs. AI – What Happens When You Make a Chatty Computer Talk To Itself? Cornell Finds Out

I can think of few things as annoying as being forced into a conversation with an idiot. But when that idiot you're talking to turns out to be an identical copy of yourself...well you've...

Canadian Cyborg Documents The Reality Behind Today’s Cyborg Tech

Will the future be full of humans who merge with machines to become cyborgs? Ha. It's already happened. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the hottest new game from Square Enix and it gives us...

Share Your Family History on Storytree

Oral history is finally catching up with the digital age. Storytree is a new website and free mobile app that allows you to easily build a family history made up of pictures, videos, and...

Transforming Shipping Containers Into Local Farms – PodPonics Brings Produce to the City

Urban agriculture has a new hope, and its name is PodPonics. Based in Atlanta, the startup is pursuing a new kind of recycling: transform old shipping containers into miniature hydroponic farms that can be...

A Video Game That Teaches You To Make Video Games – Code Hero Rocks Maker Faire, Next The World

Most first person shooters ask kids to run around and kill enemy soldiers, demons, or prostitutes. Code Hero just wants you to kill your ignorance. An action packed video game, Code Hero is also...

Games, Pop-Ups, 3D, and More – The iPad is Changing Books Forever

I grew up on a healthy regimen of Choose-Your-Own Adventure books, Nintendo, and role playing games, but even I am intimidated by the new brand of interactive storytelling that is flooding the iPad. More...

MIT Unravels the Secrets Behind Collective Intelligence – Hint: IQ Not So Important

When it comes to a successful group, the easiest way to ensure victory may be placing women on the team. MIT's Center for Collective Intelligence seeks to understand how humans get better (or worse)...

Why Am I Wearing This Glove? Oh, It Controls My Robot Hand, That’s All

If you've never thought about describing a robotic limb as sleek and sexy then you've never met Handroid. The latest production of Japan-based ITK, Handroid is a five fingered robot hand that moves smoothly...

Al Qaeda In Azeroth? Terrorism Recruiting and Training in Virtual Worlds

In their pursuit of terrorists, government intelligence agencies leave no digital rock unturned: telephone calls, emails, text messages, blogs, news sites - they monitor them all. Sometimes, as with social networks like Facebook, the...

Robot Band Rocks Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People”

Some bands play heavy metal, this band is heavy metal. End of Life is a robotic ensemble ready to rock all you puny humans into the 21st Century. Their latest work, which took more...

Entrepreneur Anshe Chung Makes A Fortune Selling Virtual Land, Banking and Fashion

How much would you pay for a piece of imaginary real estate? Anshe Chung has made millions renting it. Maybe your investment portfolio needs to include more fake property. A decade ago Ailin Graef...

Singularity University About To Graduate Its Third Year of Summer Students

What would you get if you combined the Justice League with business school? Singularity University. The startup university, located at NASA Ames smack dab in the middle of Silicon Valley, is now finishing its...

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