This week in the Singularity Hub Membership Program – knowing who your friends are. On Monday morning Singularity Hub will be having an exclusive Hangout with author Martin Ford about the growing importance of automation in the global economy. Should we fear the rise of robots, or will our mechanical minions herald in a new era of luxury? Since the debut of his book, The Lights in the Tunnel, Ford has been one of the most vocal experts on the scope and solutions to the dangers in robotic labor. As the week progresses, we'll switch gears from artificially intelligent slaves to nanotech-loving networks. On Wednesday morning Singularity Hub will Hangout with Desiree Dudley, Director of Development & Outreach at the Foresight Institute – the world's premier nanotechnology advocacy organization. How does a futurist group survive for 25+ years and still stay at the cutting edge? How do you get a new generation of entrepreneurs, scientists, and lay people excited about nanotech? Dudley will give us the inside scoop to her success in cultivating Silicon Valley's futurism.

Adding on to the friendly theme, did you know that Singularity Hub's Membership Program is currently offering a free month's membership when you refer a friend? Yes, when someone registers for their first month and lists your name as a reference, you'll get a month's subscription for free. Invite your friends, invite your coworkers, invite your sentient vacuums – you could earn up to a year of free membership just by getting people to join in the fun of SH Membership.

What kind of fun? Well, SH Members always get exclusive access to Hangouts with tech VIPs like Martin Ford, Desiree Dudley, Peter Norvig, Barry Ptolemy, Carl Zimmer or the many other amazing people we've spoken to recently. There's also exclusive offers and discounts (like free money to!). But the best part is, and always will be, the chance to meet and converse with other SH-Members. There's nothing as fun, and rewarding, as meeting other people who share your love of the future and want to hear about (and often challenge) your ideas. This past week the SH-Members email list talked about crowd-funded video games, the intrusiveness of social video eyewear, the role of journalism in science, and tons of other great topics. Whether its through our public news stories, or our Membership-only discussions, Singularity Hub is where you want to be if you want to keep yourself on the leading edge of techno-optimism. Why not join our growing community of SH-Members and take yourself to the next level of the conversation?

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