Medical droid

The Singularity Hub Membership Program is going to give your virtual avatar quite the work out this week. We've got not one, not two, but three Hangouts for our members to enjoy. Of course, before starting any new exercise regime, physical or digital, you should always consult your doctor. Which is why we're starting this week by speaking with Daniel Kivatinos, cofounder of Drchrono on Monday morning. The Ycombinator backed startup specializes in using their comprehensive suite of apps to transform smart phones and tablets into mobile medical platforms. Automating the administrative and organizational half of medicine allows human doctors to have more time performing actual medicine. Once we get approval from Drchrono it will be time to flex our social muscles with two Singularity Gatherings – one on Tuesday morning, and the second Thursday afternoon. Part of the Hub's ongoing commitment to help build the Singularity community, these gatherings will give members unique opportunities to meet their fellow hubbers, discuss the future, and have some much needed fun.

Speaking of social Singularitarians, our SH-Members referral offer continues to attract friends into the fold. How can you take advantage of this special offer? It's easy, when someone registers for their first month and lists your name as a reference, you’ll get a month’s subscription for free. It's that simple. Get enough friends, family, and sentient robots to join and you could earn up to a year of free membership. Sharing your excitement has never been so lucrative.

...and the year ahead has never looked better. Singularity Hub continues to line up power house guests for our Hangouts. Coming soon will be Matt Ginsberg, creator of Dr Fill, the amazing crossword solving program that can easily out race human competitors in finishing difficult puzzles. If that isn't enough doctors for you, we're also looking forward to face time with Sim Kai, the CEO of Ctrl Works so we can discuss their medical telepresence robots. We'll also be talking with Jon Rodriguez and Erick Miller of startup Vergence Labs about their incredible immersive AR technologies.

With so many great upcoming events available only to Singularity Hub Members, why not join us today? We're recommended by 9 out of 10 robot doctors.

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