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Writing about the Singularity just isn’t enough anymore. Singularity Hub is now firmly in the video business. Our new series, Accelerated Tech News, is Singularity Hub’s way of providing you with our world-class content at a much faster pace. Each week Aaron Saenz will go over the top headlines from, quickly covering the key issues, sharing exciting videos and pictures, and highlighting what’s new and cool in the world. If you have ten minutes, you have time to catch up on all the latest science and tech news. It’s a little more casual, a little more geeky (this is Aaron we’re talking about, after all), approach to the content you’ve grown to love and enjoy in the past few years. And when you want to dive into a story to get some more depth, the original full-length articles are always here for you to read on Singularity Hub.

So, without further Hub-Bub®, here’s Episode II of Accelerated Tech News. Enjoy!

Accelerated Tech News is our brand new gateway drug, an enticing hook to help you snag your friends and coworkers into reading more about some of that “Singularity Stuff” you keep talking about. Feel free to send the link to ATN to whomever you like, and we welcome embedding if you want to throw it in your blog or tumblr. You can subscribe by clicking on the link appearing at the end of the show, or by going to our YouTube channel and signing up.

As we mentioned last week, Accelerated Tech News is still a work in progress, and we’re excited to hear what our readers/watchers have to say about it. Please comment below, or on the YouTube page, to let us know what you like, what you hate, and what you’d like to see expanded in the future. Comment early, comment often, and comment openly. We’re here to make the best show we can, and we’d love to have your input.