virtual people

Time to contemplate the big issues, Hubbers, because Singularity Hub's Membership Program is challenging reality itself. This past week Members were able to speak with Daniel Kivatinos COO and cofounder of Drchrono. That new mobile platform allows doctors everywhere to use iPads and other mobile devices to digitize their interactions with patients. No more paper, just digital data stored securely. Drchrono's helping transform the physical into the digital.

That's an experience that we were able to feel for ourselves this week at the two Singularity Virtual Gatherings. These Hangouts allowed Members from as far away as Australia meet up via Google+ to discuss the future and have fun. But even fun isn't beyond the scope of the virtual. This Tuesday (April 24), the Singularity Hub Membership Program welcomes Matt Ginsberg and his Dr Fill crossword solving program. If creativity and entertainment are the final frontier for humanity, then Ginsberg is already invading. Look a bit further ahead in the calendar and you see Members will be chatting with Vergence Labs, a young startup that's looking to help begin the merger between man and machine using advanced augmented reality interfaces. All this blending of the physical and virtual worlds is exciting to behold, and just the tip of the iceberg that awaits everyone (but especially Singularity Hub Members) in the near future.

You definitely don't want to miss out. Anyone can join the Singularity Hub Membership Program in just minutes by clicking here. It's a great way to get a backstage pass to all the great content you see here on . Become a Member and you'll get to Hangout with wonderful Tech VIPs like Sonia Arrison, Aubrey deGrey, Christine Peterson, and Matt Ginsberg. You'll also get exclusive offers and discounts to futurist products and events. Most importantly you'll get to share a wonderful email forum with other Members who love the ideas of exponential growth in technology, accelerating science, and futurism as much as you. Refer a friend and you'll even get a month free. Everyone who joins is not only helping build a community of singularitarians, they are actively supporting Singularity Hub so we can create bigger and better content in the months ahead.

So why not join today? The Hangouts with Tech celebrities keep coming, the community keeps building, the only thing that is missing is you...or at least, the virtual representation of you. We'll accept either one.

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