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Everybody loves trilogies (except for maybe George Lucas who likes to cause them excruciating pain later in life), and Singularity Hub’s Accelerated Tech News just hit its third episode. The new video series, available for free both here on and on our YouTube channel, gives a rapid paced review of the past week’s top tech stories. Accelerated Tech News is Singularity Hub’s answer to the fast and furious lifestyle lived by technophiles. Don’t have time to read all the great stories on Don’t worry. With Accelerated Tech News if you have a few minutes you have enough time to catch up on what’s going on in the world of cutting edge science. Short recaps, great images and videos – it’s all there for you to watch quickly and easily. And you can always come back to to check out all the full length articles we mention. Hosted by the Hub’s Aaron Saenz, Accelerated Tech News also isn’t afraid to have fun, laugh, and celebrate how wonderfully weird and exciting all this exponential growth in technology really is. So, start rejoicing like little Ewoks and get ready to watch our third episode of Accelerated Tech News:

The other really great thing about Accelerated Tech News is that it’s ready to be shared. We all have those friends – the ones that just skim through articles you send them, or don’t like reading at all. With Accelerated Tech News they can just sit back and watch and get a bunch of stories all in one go. Send the link of an episode you like, embed the video in your own blog or tumblr, or just subscribe to our YouTube channel. Any way you want to share or spread the word is great by us.

And don’t forget to tell us what you think. Leave a comment here or on YouTube and you could help us decide how this show evolves. Sure, we’re only on episode three now, but pretty soon we’ll have so many of these things we won’t bother counting. Start talking now and you could influence hundreds (if not thousands) of episodes to come. You have the power. Use it for good (or for awesome).