man phone machineInterviews with CEOs are just the beginning here at Singularity Hub. Thanks to our Membership Program, not only can we get the inside scoop for our front page news articles, we can dig deeper. This week the Singularity Hub Membership Program is welcoming back three VIPs that we've spoken to before. Only this time, it won't just be staff that has access to these heads of companies, all members will be able to ask them questions. This Tuesday afternoon is the Google+ Hangout with Sim Kai, head of Ctrl Works in Singapore. As Peter Murray described in his feature article, Ctrl Works is building the next generation of medical telepresence robots: the Puppet. It's only fitting that for a Hangout about telemedicine, Kai will be talking to us from half a world away. Closer to home, but still on Google+, we'll be Hanging out with Erick Miller and Jon Rodriguez of Vergence Labs this Wednesday morning. Young and with a passion for human-computer interfaces, the Vergence Labs founders are ready to create social video glasses, augmented reality visors, and almost anything else you can imagine. Members will have a chance to ask Miller and Rodriguez about their vision for bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Whether they let you live in a robot thousands of miles away or augment your senses where you stand, this week's Hangout VIPs are here to show you why humanity is ready to step outside its physical body.

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Last week we had a really amazing Hangout with Matt Ginsberg, inventor of the crossword solving program Dr Fill. Not only is Ginsberg an AI guru, he's also the head of On Time Systems, a company specializing in intelligent routing for military planes as well as cars wanting to skip red lights. That Hangout was a great example of how members, through their questions, can guide a conversation from crossword puzzles to artificial intelligence, to IBM's Watson, and back again. The Singularity Hub Membership Program is a like a backstage pass to the world of advanced technology – a pass you can share with all the other members who are just as curious and passionate about these concepts as you are.

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