Screw trilogies, our news show is now officially a series. Today we're launching episode four of Accelerated Tech News, the weekly video show that gives you a fast paced recap of the top stories from Singularity Hub. Available to watch for free here or on YouTube, Accelerated Tech News is the solution for those technophiles out there that are too busy to read all the great articles we print everyday. In less than ten minutes, ATN pours through the headlines, highlighting what you need to know to stay informed about the latest emerging science and technology. Hosted by Aaron Saenz, Accelerated Tech News also isn't afraid to have a laugh, throw out some opinions, and take a stand when exponential trends affect our world in very real ways. Grab a drink, invite over your coworkers, and get ready to watch a little Accelerated Tech News. Who knows, the things you learn might just be enough to give you A New Hope:

Spreading the word about the potential of exponential technology isn't always easy. Asking your friends how they feel about smarter than human artificial intelligence is typically a great way to get lost in a discussion about the Terminator movies, and not much more. That's part of the reason we're making Accelerated Tech News. The new show focuses on the cool side of science, the sort of fun developments and discussions that anyone living in the modern world can enjoy. If you know someone who thinks that all your interest in the future is just “rapture for the nerds” nonsense, the relaxed approach in ATN may be just the thing to reel them into futurist thinking. Ironically, it make take a light-hearted show for people to start taking the Singularity seriously.

Or, you know, maybe you can just enjoy Accelerated Tech News without having to go all evangelical. We'd love to have you watch either way.

And we'd love to know what you think. Leave your comments below, or join the discussion in the comments on YouTube. Accelerated Tech News is still evolving, and we take all (well, most) suggestions really seriously. By helping us shape the program today, you'll be influencing the way we work for years to come – from Episode 4 to Episode Forever.