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Monthly Archives: August 2012

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Control Computers With Plants? Disney Magic Makes It Happen

What if anything -- a surface, a plant, or even parts of your own body -- could become a touch interface that controls a computer? That's what the Disney Human-Computer Interaction Research Team has...

It’s Time To Build A Space Elevator, Says LiftPort Group In Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Building a tower into the Heavens is a prospect that is likely as old as human civilization itself, and for the last 50 years or so, scientists have proposed that the best way to...

Robot Vs. Human: Drum Cover Of Classic Punk Hit By The Ramones

Looking like the twin brother of Star Wars villain General Grievous but sporting a mohawk, this four-armed, drum-playing robot mysteriously showed up on YouTube a few days ago with little information provided, but all...

Tech Billionaire Milner Aims to Accelerate Progress by Bankrolling Science

Ever imagine you’d see $27 million in physics prizes awarded in one fell swoop? Me either. Reportedly, Alan Guth was likewise “knocked off his feet” after receiving one of nine inaugural Fundamental Physics Prizes...

Singularity Summit 2012 Is Coming To San Francisco October 13-14

Now in it's sixth year, the Singularity Summit, which is hosted by the Singularity Institute, will be in San Francisco on October 13-14 to continue its tradition of bringing world class speakers to present the latest advances...

Artificial Intelligence Will Defeat CAPTCHA — How Will We Prove We’re Human Then?

If you use the web for more than just browsing (that's pretty much everyone), chances are you've had your fair share of "CAPTCHA rage," the frustration stemming from trying to discern a marginally legible...

Next Gen To Bring Singularity: Foresight Gifts Thousands of Singularity Related Books To Students

To inspire a generation of tech entrepreneurs who can change the world, the Foresight Institute has come up with a simple but brilliant plan: give students an optimistic vision for the future. To do...

Chinese Noodle-Slicing Robot

Normally when we talk about China’s plans to phase out human workers with automation we’re referring to factory assembly line workers. But one innovator is applying the efficiency, precision, and stamina of robots to...

Enthusiast Uses Valve’s Source Filmmaker To Remake Classic Scene From The Matrix

One of the top video game makers today, Valve, recently released a free tool that allows anyone to create their own awesome content without hiring actors, buying cameras, or worrying about distribution. The software...

Startup Aims To Install Pipelines With Helicopters…Really!

A major earthquake strikes a town leaving power plants damaged, water pipelines broken, and roads blocked. How will people get clean water? A new startup says it has the answer. TOHL, which stands for Tubing Operations...

Lee Sanders Discusses Health Literacy, Singularity Hub

Dr. Lee Sanders, a general pediatrician and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Stanford University and a nationally recognized scholar in the field of health literacy, considers how maternal health literacy moderates child health outcomes.

Paul Saffo & Vivek Wadhwa, Executive Program December 2011 Singularity University

Futurist Paul Saffo has a conversation with Vivek Wadhwa during the December 2011 Executive Program at Singularity University.

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