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Monthly Archives: September 2012

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Kevin Kelly Offers Tips For Recognizing Emerging Fields, Singularity University

Kevin Kelly, founding executive editor of Wired Magazine, discusses his tricks for predicting the powerful, future technologies.

George Skidmore Discusses Nanotechnology, Singularity University

George Skidmore, Principal Scientist at DRS Technologies, discusses nanotechnology. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 lecture series.

Divya Chander Discusses the Brain and Neuroanesthesia, Singularity University

Dr. Divya Chandler discusses neuroanesthesia, the use of intraoperative brain monitoring (especially the raw EEG) to safely manage anesthetics, and the nature of the brain and consciousness.

Daniel Siciliano Discusses the Policy and Legal Implications of Innovation, Singularity University

Daniel Siciliano, a legal scholar and entrepreneur with expertise in corporate governance, corporate finance, and immigration law, discusses the policy and legal implications of innovation. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 lecture series.

Christopher Longhurst Discusses Data-Driven Medicine, Singularity University

Dr. Christopher Longhurst, a pediatric hospitalist and Chief Medical Information Officer at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, discusses the implementation and impact of a comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) at Packard Children’s. Longhurst discusses clinical analytics and other...

Aubrey de Grey Discusses Regenerative Medicine, Singularity University

Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer of the SENS Foundation, discusses regenerative medicine for diseases and disabilities related to aging. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 lecture series.

Graduate Studies Program Android App Presentation, Singularity University

Graduate Studies Program 2012 participants present their apps for social good.

Panel on Pig Movie, Singularity University

SU Faculty and specialists, some of whom consulted for Pig Movie, discuss the future of technologies, nature of ethics, and suffering as highlighted in the movie. Part of Graduate Studies Program 2012.

Raymond McCauley and Students Consider GMOs, Singularity University

A peak at a discussion about genetically modified foods moderated by Raymond McCauley. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 Discussion Series.

Seth Shostak Discusses Extraterrestrial Life, Singularity University

Senior Astronomer at the Seti Institute, Seth Shostak, discusses the probability of intelligent life forms on other planets. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 Lecture Series.

Roni Zeiger Discusses Patient-Centric Healthcare, Singularity University

Former Google Chief Health Strategist, CEO Smart Patients and practicing physician Roni Zeiger discusses the application of human centered design thinking for healthcare. In particular, Zeiger discusses leveraging the knowledge of patients. Part of...

Graduate Studies Program Android App Contest, Singularity University

A discussion of the Android App Development Contest that Graduate Studies Program participants undertook. Part of the Graduate Studies Program, 2012.

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