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Monthly Archives: September 2012

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Kevin Kelly Offers Tips For Recognizing Emerging Fields, Singularity University

Kevin Kelly, founding executive editor of Wired Magazine, discusses his tricks for predicting the powerful, future technologies.

George Skidmore Discusses Nanotechnology, Singularity University

George Skidmore, Principal Scientist at DRS Technologies, discusses nanotechnology. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 lecture series.

Divya Chander Discusses the Brain and Neuroanesthesia, Singularity University

Dr. Divya Chandler discusses neuroanesthesia, the use of intraoperative brain monitoring (especially the raw EEG) to safely manage anesthetics, and the nature of the brain and consciousness.

Daniel Siciliano Discusses the Policy and Legal Implications of Innovation, Singularity University

Daniel Siciliano, a legal scholar and entrepreneur with expertise in corporate governance, corporate finance, and immigration law, discusses the policy and legal implications of innovation. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 lecture series.

Christopher Longhurst Discusses Data-Driven Medicine, Singularity University

Dr. Christopher Longhurst, a pediatric hospitalist and Chief Medical Information Officer at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, discusses the implementation and impact of a comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) at Packard Children’s. Longhurst discusses clinical analytics and other...

Aubrey de Grey Discusses Regenerative Medicine, Singularity University

Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer of the SENS Foundation, discusses regenerative medicine for diseases and disabilities related to aging. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 lecture series.

Graduate Studies Program Android App Presentation, Singularity University

Graduate Studies Program 2012 participants present their apps for social good.

Panel on Pig Movie, Singularity University

SU Faculty and specialists, some of whom consulted for Pig Movie, discuss the future of technologies, nature of ethics, and suffering as highlighted in the movie. Part of Graduate Studies Program 2012.

Raymond McCauley and Students Consider GMOs, Singularity University

A peak at a discussion about genetically modified foods moderated by Raymond McCauley. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 Discussion Series.

Seth Shostak Discusses Extraterrestrial Life, Singularity University

Senior Astronomer at the Seti Institute, Seth Shostak, discusses the probability of intelligent life forms on other planets. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 Lecture Series.

Roni Zeiger Discusses Patient-Centric Healthcare, Singularity University

Former Google Chief Health Strategist, CEO Smart Patients and practicing physician Roni Zeiger discusses the application of human centered design thinking for healthcare. In particular, Zeiger discusses leveraging the knowledge of patients. Part of...

Graduate Studies Program Android App Contest, Singularity University

A discussion of the Android App Development Contest that Graduate Studies Program participants undertook. Part of the Graduate Studies Program, 2012.

Yasuyuki Motoyama Considers What Enables Entrepreneurship, Singularity University

Yasuyuki Motoyama, Senior Scholar at the Kauffman Foundation of Entrepreneurship, discusses the building blocks and support structures needed to encourage entreprenuership. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 lecture series.

Steve Jurvetson Considers Emerging Fields, Singularity University

Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director of Venture Capital Firm Draper Fisher, discusses trends in new technologies and entrepreneurship. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 Lecture Series.

Ryan Bethencourt Considers Clinical Testing Processes, Singularity University

Biopharma expert Ryan Bethencourt discusses clinical research and the process, ethics, and funding behind clinical testing. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 lecture series.

Low Cost, Professional 3D Printer (FormLabs) Breaks $1 Million On Kickstarter

The 3D printer space is getting crowded, but like many things, devices that are currently available fall into two camps: the high-end professional machines and the low-end DIY printers. Fortunately, this bimodal distribution of...

Reese Jones Discusses Singularities, Singularity University

Reese Jones, a venture strategist and Singularity University trustee, discusses different kinds of singularities. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 Lecture Series.

Ramez Naam Discusses Emerging Technologies, Singularity University

Ramez Naam, professional technologist and author of More than Human: Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement, discusses emerging technologies and makes a case for embracing human enhancement. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 Lecture Series.

Ralph Merkle Discusses Molecular Nanotechnology, Part 2, Singularity University

Ralph Merkle, researcher in public key cryptography, molecular nanotechnology, and cryonics, discusses molecular nanotechnology and positional assembly. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012.

Ralph Merkle Discusses Manufacturing and Nanotechnology, Part 1, Singularity University

Ralph Merkle, researcher in public key cryptography, molecular nanotechnology and cryonics. discusses the relationship between manufacturing and atoms. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 lecture series.

Peter Schwartz Discusses the Future of Energy, Singularity University

Peter Schwartz, futurist, author, and cofounder of the Global Business Network (GBN), discusses the future of energy. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 Lecture Series.

Peter Norvig Considers Nature of AI, Singularity University

Peter Norvig, Google Director of Research and author of  Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, considers the nature of artificial intelligence. Part of Graduate Studies Program 2012 Lecture Series.

Exclusive Uncut Interview with Raymond Kurzweil

Singularity Hub's Keith Kleiner interviews Ray Kurzweil about his new book, How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed. Check out more of Kurzweil's insights in this uncut version only available to...

Exclusive Interview with Ray Kurzweil

Singularity Hub's Keith Kleiner interviews Ray Kurzweil about his new book, How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed. For the full version, become a member on Singularity Hub!

Dave The Incredible Mindreader – How Does He Do It?

Ever wonder how all those mall psychics stay in business? I mean, who’s actually sitting down with them – crystal ball and all – and paying $20 for 15 minutes of “You will find...

California Becomes Third State To Legalize Driverless Cars

Another state bill passed, another step closer to never having to drive again. On Tuesday California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that allows driverless cars to be tested and operated on public roads, paving...

Deaf Toddler Receives Bionic Ear, Weeks Later Speaks Her First Word

A two-year old British girl born severely deaf due to a developmental disorder has spoken her first word after receiving a bionic ear. The medical team led by Dr. Vittorio Colletti, the leading surgeon for...

Boom! Singularity Hub Launches New Website

Dear Hub Readers, I am super excited to announce that we have launched a completely new look and feel to our website today.  The website is faster, cleaner, more modern, and offers more features. We...

MakerBot’s 3D Printer Replicator 2 Is Larger, Faster, Sleeker

MakerBot Industries, creators of the Replicator 3D printer that hit stores this past January have just upgraded their award-winning printer. The Replicator 2 has increased resolution, can print larger objects, and sports a stylish...

Andrew Minor Discusses Nanomaterials, Singularity University

Andrew Minor discusses nanomaterials and nanomechanical size effects. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 Lecture Series.

Andrew McAfee Discusses Technology and Business, Singularity University

Andrew McAfee, Principal Research Scientist at MIT’s Center for Digital Business, discusses the impact of technology on the world of business. Part of the Graduate Studies Program 2012 Lecture Series.

Andrew Hessel and Yasaman Sheri Discuss Design, Singularity University

Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Faculty member Andrew Hessel and Industrial Designer Yasaman Sheri discuss the evolution of design, biological design, and sustainability.  

Amy Lehman Discusses Healthcare Infrastructure, Singularity University

Dr. Amy G. Lehman, founder of the Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic, discusses the problem of health care access for millions of people who live in the isolated, but strategically critical Lake Tanganyika Basin/Great...

GSP 2012 Students Consider the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, Singularity University

Moderated by Faculty Chair Neil Jacobstein, the Graduate Studies 2012 Artificial Intelligence Workshop featured lively debates about the ethical consequences of Artificial Intelligence mishaps.

Singularity Hub Q&A — Jason Silva Shares His Motivations And Vision With Members

Jason Silva is a futurist and filmmaker, yet he is hard to categorize, so much so that he is often prone to nicknames. For instance, a recent CBS interview called him a "Wonder Junkie"....

Singularity University Graduate Studies Program 2012 Closing Ceremony

This is an exclusive look at the Singularity University (SU) 2012 Graduate Studies Program Closing Ceremony. The complete event footage includes keynote speakers, company presentations, and inspirational talks from SU community members.

Surging Solar in 2011 Proof of Ray Kurzweil’s Bold Prediction?

A recent report by British Petroleum (BP) found solar power generating capacity surged 73.3% last year. If you’re a dedicated fan of the singularity, statistics like that are reminiscent of Ray Kurzweil’s solar dictum—that solar...

Beautiful Brain-Like Structures Form When Watercolors And Ferrofluids Mix

Fabian Oefner is a Swiss photographer who explores the interplay of science and art. Earlier this year, he watched a video of ferrofluids being used to create artistic sculptures. So he started experimenting with...

Build Your Own Supercomputer With Raspberry Pis and Legos – For Reals!

Ever dreamt of owning a supercomputer but didn’t have millions of dollars to spare? Thanks to some inventive thinking by one professor, you can now make a supercomputer all your own. All you’ll need...

Double, The Latest Telepresence Robot, May Just Beat Out Its Competitors

Look out, here comes another iPad on wheels. To feed our evidently voracious need to be in two places at once, robotics company Double Robotics has added its contribution to the ever growing pool of...

Chinese Company To Acquire Complete Genomics, Become World Genomics Powerhouse

Complete Genomics, the whole human genome sequencing powerhouse in Mountain View, California, is being acquired by the Chinese company BGI-Shenzhen. The acquisition could be read as a signal to the world that China is...

“Lettuce Bot” Rolls Through Crops, Terminates Weeds It Visually Identifies

If food was a superhero (called, I don't know...Captain Nutrient), one of its most dangerous archenemies would be The Vile Weed. Okay, perhaps that's a juvenile way of explaining how detrimental weeds are to crops, but it...

Can You Hear Me Now? Stem Cells Restore Hearing In Deaf Gerbils – When Will It Work On Humans?

In a new study, scientists were able to restore partial hearing to deaf gerbils by implanting human embryonic stem cells in their ears. The breakthrough offers hope that one day a similar treatment may...

New Software Makes Synthesizing DNA As Easy As ‘Drag and Drop’ With Icons

Omri Amirav-Drory wants to be the Bill Gates of the DNA world. Windows revolutionized personal computers by providing a graphic user interface for MS-DOS. Afterwards people didn’t need to be trained in the arcane...

Smart Gloves Turn Sign Language Gestures Into Vocalized Speech

Giving a voice to the voiceless has been a cause that many have championed throughout history, but it's safe to say that none of those efforts involved packing a bunch of sensors into a...

Hatsune Miku Opening in Los Angeles

Just a quick peak at the opening for Hatsune Miku's July 2nd concert in Los Angeles.

Free 123D Catch App Makes Your iPhone a 3D Scanner

In three years 3D scanners have gone from $30,000 to $3,000 to—$0.00?! AutoDesk’s free 123D Catch app is now available for the iPhone and iPad. Users can take up to 40 pictures, upload them...

Blind Woman Receives Bionic Retinal Implant

In what’s being claimed a world first, doctors have implanted a bionic eye into a woman, allowing her to see flashes of light. The early stage prototype performed well as a proof-of-principle, offering hope...

2013 — The Dawn Of Wearable Computing?

Sooner rather than later you'll have a computer attached to your face, and for some, it'll happen as early as next year. Why? Because the era of wearable computing is dawning as startups and...

RFID Tracking Of Students? Electronic Roll Call in Texas Stirs Debate

The eyes of Texas are upon you—if you happen to be a student from San Antonio that is. John Jay High School and Anson Jones Middle School in the Northside Independent School District are...

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