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Monthly Archives: January 2013

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Autonomous Healthcare Robot, RP-Vita, Gains FDA Approval

Bringing iRobot and InTouch Health's core technologies together gives medical telepresence robots more range, flexibility, and automation. Doctors need only note on an iPad where the robot should go, and RP-Vita takes it from there. It navigates the hall, avoiding humans and other obstacles, and enters the requested room to begin the session—where the doctor can talk to the patient and even plug in various monitoring devices to check their vitals in session.

Our Singularity Future: Overfished Bluefin Tuna Sells for Record $1.76 Million

In early 2013, a single 489 pound bluefin tuna sold in Japan for a record $1.76 million. That’s roughly two homes in San Francisco and a Ferrari for each driveway—two and half times last year’s record $736,000. It makes a shocking headline. But notably the price is not representative of the market. Buyers traditionally compete to attract headlines in the first auction of the new year. Although current prices aren’t anywhere near $3,500/lb, it is true bluefin tuna are getting more expensive. (See here for Tokyo fish market wholesale prices back to 1997.) Rising demand from sushi restaurants combined with diminishing supply has led to fewer fish and higher prices.

2.5 Million Computers Give PetaFLOP/s Power to [email protected], Other Projects

As home computers have become near ubiquitous, unused computing power has risen in tandem. Just think how often your laptop is asleep on your desk. So, why let all those idle processors go to waste? [email protected]—a web of over 335,000 private personal computers—and other projects like it aim to put lazy machines to work.

Brain Pacemakers Used To Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

In an effort to alleviate the symptoms of a disease that has stubbornly resisted treatment, scientists are turning to a therapy that may appear more likely to be encountered on the sick bay of...

Ramez Naam Discusses Brain-Computer Interfaces At Google

Nexus author and Singularity Hub contributor Ramez Naam discusses the technology that will allow brain-computer interfacing at [email protected]

The Super Supercapacitor

What if you could charge your phone, tablet, or laptop in 30 seconds and have it work all day long? That's the promise presented in a short film titled The Super Supercapacitor that profiles the work of UCLA inorganic chemistry professor Ric Kaner, whose research focused on conductive polymers and next generation materials.

Can Twitter Tell You When to Buy and When to Sell?

For Twitter sentiment to be a useful barometer, you needn’t require Tweeters be professional investors. But you do need them to actually care enough about stocks, commodities, or currency trading to Tweet key words about them. How many actually do that isn’t clear. The number is far from zero—but is it enough to be meaningful?

Humanoid Robot In Development That Acts Like One Year Old

A university-led collaboration to develop social robots has publicly unveiled its work in progress: a robotic one-year-old boy. As reported by Gizmag, the android named Diego-san is larger than a typical one-year-old child at over four feet...

Deaths Due To Cancer Decreased 20 Percent In Last 20 Years

The rate of deaths due to cancer in the United States is dropping. Americans today have a 20 percent less chance of dying from cancer than they did nearly 20 years ago. The Annual Report...

Better Than The Borg: The Neurotech Era

What if you could read my mind? What if I could beam what I’m seeing, hearing, and thinking, straight to you, and vice versa? What if an implant could store your memories, augment them, and make you smarter?

Flu Vaccine Produced With Insect Ovaries Approved By FDA – The End To Shortages?

Amid a season in which the flu is spreading at an exceptional rate across the United States, the Food and Drug Administration has approved a vaccine that can get to the people who need...

Tablet Sales to Trump Laptops in 2013 – That Was Fast!

After a few early-2000s misadventures in Microsoft tablet PCs—the tablet was effectively re-introduced by Apple’s iPad in early 2010. And just two years on, global tablet sales are projected to overtake laptop sales. That was fast!

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