The Singularity Hub Membership Program launched nearly one year ago, and in that time, it has grown to include hundreds of members hungry for more news and perspective about technology trends. It's been a busy year here at the Hub and the member community has grown into an active and thriving group, eager to engage with one another about all the changes that are promising an incredible future ahead.

The membership program puts SH readers in the cockpit of everything that's going on behind the scenes here at the Hub.

Members were the first to learn about some of the big changes that took place this year. First, we launched a redesigned site that makes it easier than ever to stay up-to-date on the exciting stories we're producing every day. Second, Singularity Hub became a part of Singularity University, forming a partnership that promises to provide members with video lectures of SU speakers, access to distinguished experts through Q&A sessions and forum discussions, and of course discounts to special events affiliated with all things singularity.

Furthermore, we've bumped up the number of stories we produce, expanded our readership, strengthened our presence in social media, and added more members every day to an awesome community from around the world.

Members also received access to Singularity Hub writers through the spirited, exclusive members discussion board that has tackled numerous topics related to the singularity beyond what is covered in Debate Central. Through this direct exchange, members have made their voices heard about what interests them, and numerous stories published on the site are a result of these discussions.

Our video archive has also grown and now includes clips of numerous lectures delivered at SU's Graduate Studies Program and Executive Programs, including talks from Peter Diamandis, Aubrey De Grey, Neil Jacobstein, and Peter Norvig, just to name a few. The archive also contains an exclusive interview with Ray Kurzweil about his new book How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed and members have access to the uncut interview with over 10 minutes of additional insights.

Not only do those who chose to support Singularity Hub by becoming a member become part of this great community, but they also receive a super-charged site experience that enhances the site even further.

For instance, when members comment on stories those comments get a different color and a special SH member badge next to their name. Also, members get to experience Singularity Hub through an enhanced interface that gives the site a dynamic and creative theme, featuring SH"s new robot mascot. Finally, members can promote an ad on the front page of the site in the "Member Advertisement" section, so everyone can learn about their websites, books, projects, or anything else that one can imagine.

But as incredible as the community is, it's still missing an important component: you.

So sign up now to become part of the community today.

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