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Monthly Archives: February 2013

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Robots Now Dealing Blackjack

Here’s one dealer that won’t attempt to cheat you with sleight of hand – because it doesn’t have any, strictly speaking. More like bulbs with suction cups.

Google Glass Drops “Project” Status, Opens Testing To The Public

The time has come for Google Glass to drop its "Project" moniker and move into the hands of the public. No, the wirelessly connected eyewear hasn't hit the shelves just yet, but Google has taken the next step in bringing the device to market. The company has announced the "If I Had Glass" promotion allowing members of the public the opportunity to get their hands on the Explorer prototype that few have been able to test. Additionally, a sleek Glass-devoted website has launched with a new commercial called "How It Feels" that helps to better define exactly what the device can and can't do.

New Software Reveals “Hidden Information” In Video Footage

Leave it up to those brainiacs at MIT to come up with a technology like this. With a nifty video processing program they’re able to see changes impossible to see with the naked eye....

Diamandis: Tricorder X Prize Offers $10 Million to Build Star Trek Inspired Health Scanner

It’s hard to imagine a Star Trek away team without their tricorders waving back and forth, scanning for life forms. Was there anything those things couldn’t do, and might we primitive 21st century humans develop a similarly powerful handheld diagnostic technology? The Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize, announced in 2012, officially opened registration in early 2013 to find out.

FDA Approves Eye Implant Enabling The Blind To Partially See

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the Argus II artificial retina to restore partial sight to patients who are blind. The device, sometimes dubbed a bionic eye, was designed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to help people who suffer from retinitis pigmentosa, a hereditary degenerative disease that causes degradation of retinal function. Although it does not restore full sight to the visually challenged, those with the disease are able to once have limited, low-resolution vision.

Interview: Diamandis’ Planetary Resources To Claim High Value Asteroids With Robotic Beacons

Once Planetary Resources has figured out how to get to an asteroid and how to mine it—what will they mine? Near-Earth asteroids contain abundant iron, nickel, platinum group metals, and water. If space is to be the “final frontier,” we’ll need to live off the land—and asteroids are a low gravity (in other words, cheap) way to harvest materials.

Veebot’s Needle Wielding Robot to Automate Blood Draws

Taking blood is a fine art. Even the most experienced practioner may require more than one stab to find a vein—seems only natural to wonder, might a robot do the job better? Mountain View’s Veebot thinks so. Veebot wants to take the art out of needlework with their robotic venipuncture machine.

Crowdfunding Star Wars — Kickstarter Campaign For Death Star Construction Aims To Raise $30M

The folks at Kickstarter have given the green light to two projects near-and-dear to the hearts of geeks, techies and futurists alike: the construction of a Death Star and a desperate call to fund X-wing fighters for the Rebel Alliance.

Will You Soon Be Able To Buy Used Ebooks And Digital Music? Amazon Moves In That Direction

A showdown over the meaning of ownership in the digital world between online retailers and content creators is on the horizon. The US Patent and Trademark Office recently awarded Amazon a patent titled Secondary Market For Digital Objects, wherein the mega-retailer describes a marketplace for the transfer of used digital objects, whether ebooks, audio, images, video, and even apps. As stated in the patent, "transfers may include a sale, a rental, a gift, a loan, a trade, etc."

Study Suggests Folic Acid During Pregnancy Decreases Child’s Chances Of Being Autistic

A woman’s diet during pregnancy could determine whether or not her child will have autism, a new study suggests. Women who took supplements of folic acid, a vitamin B variant and found in leafy...

Willow Garage NOT Shutting Down, Evolves To Go Commercial

Willow Garage, the robotics startup that brought us PR2 and the Robot Operating System (ROS) open source software library will soon cease to exist – at least as a stand alone entity. They issued...

Turtle Receives Prosthetic Flippers, Goes For A Swim

In 2008, an endangered loggerhead turtle, was rescued by a fisherman in Japan after getting tangled in fishing nets. It looked as though the turtle, the rescuers named Yu Chan, had been attacked by...

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