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Monthly Archives: February 2013

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AutoDesk and Organovo Team Up To Bring Printable Human Organs Closer

Bioprinting firm, Organovo, isn’t anywhere near 3D printing a hand or heart. But a recently announced partnership with 3D modeling software giant Autodesk (maker of AutoCAD) might speed things up a bit. As Autodesk’s Carlos Olguin says, “Life is becoming a nascent design space in an engineering sense. It’s subject to specs, subject to QA, it’s repeatable. Biology is becoming an engineering discipline.”

Watson Is Now Commercially Available, Set To Help Doctors Treat Cancer

IBM’s most promising medical student just graduated and is ready to join the workforce and help people – in the fight against cancer, to be specific. IBM has just released a commercially available Watson...

Neil Harbisson Is A Cyborg Who Hears More Of The World Than We See

What would your world be like if you couldn't see color? For artist Neil Harbisson, a rare condition known as achromatopsia that made him completely color blind rendered that question meaningless. Not being able to see color at all meant that there was no blue in the sky or green in grass, and these descriptions were merely something to be taken on faith or memorized to get the correct answers in school. But Neil's life would change drastically when he met computer scientist Adam Montandon.

Toy-Size Helicopter Drones Now On Surveillance Duty In Afghanistan

A swarm of helicopter drones are being deployed to British soldiers in Afghanistan thanks to the UK's Ministry of Defence. Dubbed the PD-100 "Black Hornet" Personal Reconnaissance System, the Norwegian-developed drones are finding utility and praise among the Brigade Reconnaissance Force as they are being used by the British military to identify "insurgent firing points and check out exposed areas of the ground before crossing."

Sea Installer – The Enormous Ocean Wind Turbine Installation Vessel

Technological progress advances our ability to build bigger and badder machines. A recent example is Sea Installer, part of the next generation of powerful wind turbine installation vessels that are capable of moving and installing...

Recording Your Life, Allowing Others To View It As Virtual Reality World: Lifelogging

It’s called Bad Trip, and it certainly feels like one. Alan Kwan has been recording every moment of his life since November 2011 and he faces the same problem that other lifeloggers do: what to...

The Automation Of Healthcare Continues – Robot System To Sterilize Surgical Tools

  Hospitals are not the cleanest of places. Even in the operating room where the greatest care is taken to create a sterile environment, too often the infectious culprits bacteria, viruses and even fungus are...

Are Humans Causing Oceanic Jellygeddon? The Jury’s Still Out

Tied tight with advancing technology are concerns human development is irrevocably damaging the planet. Back in 2001, one theory warned warmer oceans and overfishing would spawn jellyfish at an alarming rate. Throughout the next...

US Unemployment Is 7.9%—Are Robots to Blame?

Robots want to invade your home, take your job, and steal your wife. Maybe not that last one (yet). But as unemployment remains stubbornly elevated (7.9%) people are searching for answers. Among the usual...

Glass Sculptures Of Bacteria And Viruses Brings Microbiology World To Human Scale

Phrases like "viral art" or "infectious sculpture" only begin to provide vague impressions of what British artist Luke Jerram has created: human-scale glass sculptures of viruses, bacteria, and other organisms from the microbiological world. The sculptures aren't just creative interpretations, but derive from scientific images and models and created at approximately a million times larger scale.

Sifteo Builds New Gaming Platform Using Interactive Cubes

Love video games but want the kind of physical and social interactivity that board games deliver? That's the motivation behind the development of Sifteo Cubes, the touchscreen cubes that communicate wirelessly and have sensors on each of their four sides.

Roadside Sign-Flippers? Robots Are Taking Their Jobs Too

You know those guys at the side of the road, tossing and flipping signs in the air trying to get you to go into that IHOP or get your car washed? Well those guys are now, sometimes, robots.

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