The Singularity Hub Membership Program continues to grow as more technology and future enthusiasts come into the fold. Members continue to impress with their contributions and bring unique perspectives to the ongoing dialogue that Singularity Hub and Singularity University strive to foster.

One of the perks of membership is gaining access to our community Google Group, where members and SH staff engage in conversations about the latest technological developments, scientific breakthroughs, and future-shaping trends. It is also within this forum that the members can learn just how freaking talented the community is, especially when it comes to conveying ideas through video.

Speaker and futurist and Singularity Hub Member Marcel Bullinga posted a short Prezi-based video asking the question "What are you doing in 2025?"

Long-time SH fan and member Pooky Amsterdam shared five episodes from her machinima series, Time Travelers, produced in collaboration with Dr. James Canton of the Institute for Global Futures:

New to the SH community, Kevin Russell shared his video called The Importance of Space Dreams that uses a compilation of various videos of toys sent to space as inspiration for keeping our eyes focused on the stars.

Jason Silva, who is also an SH member, continues to deliver more espresso-shot videos including his latest, The Mirroring Mind:

Filmmaker Doug Wolens, who shared his perspectives in a recent interview, popped in to share the trailer of his documentary The Singularity.

The Singularity Hub Membership Program has just celebrated its first year, but the benefits of being part of the community increase every day. With the recent acquisition of SH by Singularity University, members can bank on more exclusive videos, such as the recent interview with Ray Kurzweil about his project at Google, a collection of talks from this year's Future of Medicine Executive Program (soon to be released) and of course, coverage of the upcoming Graduate Studies Program in June.

As 2013 continues to roll out, we look forward to delivering premium video content to the community and are excited as members continue to entice and enthrall with their own video productions.

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