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Monthly Archives: March 2013

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Exclusive Interview With Avi Reichental, CEO Of 3D Systems

Avi Reichental of 3D Systems stops by to chat with Founder of Singularity Hub, Keith Kleiner. In addition to his role as President and CEO of 3D Systems, Avi is also the Co-Chair for Nanotechnology and...

A 3D Printed Spaceship On The Scale Of A Human Hair? Hello Nanoscribe 3D Printer

3D printing has become one of the most exciting and talked about technologies of 2013. Last year, a group of researchers at the Vienna University of Technology in Austria refined a 3D printing technique that allowed the construction of sophisticated structures (a F1 racecar and a cathedral) smaller than dust mites in about 4 minutes. Now, a company called Nanoscribe GmbH that emerged from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany has made 3D printer called the Photonic Professional GT which can produce detailed structures on a similar scale but faster.

Why Wait For Google Fiber? UK Farmers Want Faster Internet, Build Their Own

Last November, neighborhoods in Kansas City became the first to enjoy the 1Gbps Internet speed made possible through Google Fiber. As Google considers the possibility of bringing Fiber to other communities (some signs points to Canada as a possible spot), a group of remote farmers in the UK with sluggish Internet speeds decided they didn't want to wait on their ISPs, the government, or even Google to deliver an upgrade to their broadband speeds. They opted to build an ultrafast fiberoptic network themselves.

MIT’s Robot Cheetah On The Run

MIT scientists are taking a page out of biology’s playbook in their attempt to create a robot cheetah. While nowhere near as fast as the real thing, their biomimetic approach has certainly resulted in...

Before/After Of Pope Announcement Shows Incredible Proliferation Of Mobile In Just 8 Years

NBC's Today Show provided a little insight today about how mobile has changed society with a comparison of two images from St. Peter's Square: the announcement of Pope Benedict in 2005 and Pope Francis in 2013. At a celebration for a tradition that extends back nearly two millennia, the rapid proliferation of technology into everyday society is visually striking and telling.

New Glasses Help Colorblind To See Normally

With a new pair of stylish shades, people with colorblindness are beginning to see the world just as the rest of us do.

Thalmic Labs Announces MYO Gesture Control Armband

Unlike other gesture control devices that rely on positioning through camera tracking, the MYO armband senses electrical activity in the muscles that control hand and finger motions. Its worn on the forearm and flexing of various muscles serve as gesture inputs. These inputs are communicated via Bluetooth, which are then translated into motions on the screen thanks to some machine-learning algorithms.

Window Cleaning Robots Making Their Way To Skyscraper Happy United Arab Emirates

These robotic window washers are not afraid of heights, high winds, or hard-to-reach places. Gekko Façade and its sister, solar panel cleaning robot Gekko Solar, imitate their lizard namesake by clinging to high places...

Wirelessly Charged Lithium Battery Can Be Stretched, Folded, and Twisted

Singularity Hub has faithfully followed flexible displays over the last few years—and now researchers are hard at work fabricating flexible components to match. In a recent paper, Yonggang Huang and John A. Rogers of Northwestern University and the University of Illinois demonstrated a lithium-ion battery embedded in a rubber substrate that can be stretched, folded, twisted, and charged wirelessly.

Bebionic Prosthetic Hand Continues To Amaze In Latest Video

Another video has been released profiling Nigel Ackland showing off some of the cool things he can do with his bebionic3 prosthetic arm, part of a series of videos from manufacturer RSLSteeper. This round, Nigel responds to some 'fan' requests of things he can do with the hand, but then shifts into more pragmatic daily uses that most of us take for granted, like tying a shoe or taking a dog for a walk. Clearly, the more he practices with the device, the more actions he is able to accomplish.

Distributed Network of 3000 Ocean Robots Argo Notches Millionth Data Point

If there’s one thing we know about Earth’s oceans, it’s that we don’t know terribly much. But robot explorers are helping ocean scientists bridge the gap between known and unknown with more data. Argo,...

Brains of Two Rats “Linked” Half Way Across The World

Now neuroscientists are practicing telepathy. In a recent study, the brain signals of a rat performing a task were transmitted to another rat to help it perform the same task.

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