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Monthly Archives: May 2013

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You can now place your order for a burger grown entirely in a lab

It may take some time before in vitro burgers replace old fashioned farmed burgers, but the feat is a delicious victory for environmentalists and scientists alike in search for alternate ways to feed the world’s addition to meat.

Singularity University Announces Fundraising Campaign To Support Graduate Studies Program

It's almost June and that means that the launch of the 2013 Graduate Studies Program at Singularity University is right around the corner. To provide tuition support to the 80 international students who've been selected...

Scientists Able To Slow Aging In Mice By Modifying The Brain’s Hypothalamus

Researchers have now uncovered an area in the brain about the size of almond in humans that wields powerful control over the body’s aging process.

Matternet Building Quadcopter Drone Network To Transport Supplies

Last summer, drones took to the skies over the Dominican Republic and Haiti. These flying bots weren’t on a military mission, nor were they conducting police surveillance. They belonged to audacious Singularity University Labs startup, Matternet. Matternet wants to leapfrog road infrastructure in developing countries by building a futuristic Pony Express—with drones.

FDA To Decide Whether Antibacterial Soap Is Safe – After Four Decades

But research now shows that the active ingredient in the soap, triclosan, alters hormonal balance in animals, is possibly harmful to the immune system, and possibly contributes to the rise of antibiotic resistant germs.

Virtual And Real Objects Meet And Become Smarter Objects At MIT

Smarter Object combines the adaptability of digital interfaces with the ease of use of real world devices.

iRobot’s RP-Vita Telepresence Robots Start Work At Seven Hospitals

Now seven hospitals across North America have enlisted the services of RP-Vita, bringing us one step closer to robotics-augmented healthcare.

Rod Roddenberry — Fireside Chat At The 2012 Graduate Studies Program

Rod Roddenberry is the CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment and founder of the Roddenberry Foundation, which funds "funds paradigm-changing solutions to critical global issues in science and technology, the environment, education and humanitarian advances." As...

DARPA’s Robotic Hand Can Unlock and Open Your Door

Engineers often turn to nature for inspiration, but working from evolutionary blueprints isn’t always necessary. The Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) recently showed off a dexterous robotic hand that uses three rotating fingers, instead of a human-inspired four fingers and opposable thumb configuration. And the thing can unlock and open doors. Yikes.

Cara Face Recognition Transforms Standard Webcams Into Intelligent Sensors

The human face is a treasure trove of information. A millisecond after meeting someone, we’ve guessed their general age bracket, gender, mood, and more. With tech startup IMRSV’s new face detection software Cara—released for the first time May 15th—your home PC and webcam will learn to recognize some of the same subtleties. Using this information, IMRSV hopes to make analog business and advertising as detailed, data-driven, and personalized as online business and advertising.

With Latest Tech, Can Doctors Treat Us Before We Fall Sick?

We visit a doctor when something feels wrong. We routinely receive care too late -- millions die because of delayed diagnosis. Future of healthcare delivery flips this equation. Can we be treated before we fall sick?

Smartphone App Lets You Carry Human Experts Around In Your Pocket

Imagine if you could bring a slew of virtual experts around with you and ask them for advice whenever the need arose. Although that sounds like futuristic technology, a new app from Esquire magazine shows that it's a world right around the corner. The aim is to create the impression of holding a conversation with the virtual experts through the combination of speech recognition, artificial intelligence, and lots of video.

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