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Monthly Archives: January 2014

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Simple SkySweeper Robot a Mechanical Inchworm to Patrol Power Lines

Nick Morozovsky, an engineering graduate student at UC San Diego, exemplifies how much you can do with how little these days. His SkySweeper robot that moves along cables like an inchworm, using naught but an Arduino microcontroller, 3D printed parts, and an off-the-shelf battery for power. Morozovsky thinks it might be used to inspect power lines for a fraction of current costs.

Mars One Announces Lockheed Martin Partnership, Crowdfunding for 2018 Mars Mission

Mars One, the private organization proposing to colonize Mars by 2025, recently announced Lockheed Martin is working on a mission concept study for a Mars lander based on their 2007 Phoenix lander. Mars One also recently launched a $400,000 Indiegogo campaign to fund the mission concept studies. Mars One says they hope the campaign will “show [their] partners and sponsors that the world is ready for this to happen.”

US Army Straps Laser to Truck, Takes Target Practice With Drones and Mortars

In three weeks of testing at New Mexico’s White Sands Missile Range, the US Army recently reported they’d successfully engaged over 90 mortars and drones with—a giant laser mounted on top of a truck. Using radar to locate and engage its quarry, the 10 kW Boieng-built laser—which is roughly equivalent to 10,000 light bulbs focused into a coin-sized beam—acquires its target and rapidly heats it until the weapon explodes in midair.

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