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Monthly Archives: March 2014

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Google Adds Kinect-Like 3D Sensing to New Prototype Smartphones

How does a search firm keep its brand fresh and relevant? Not by talking about search. Google’s mastered the art of baiting the hook with exciting moonshot projects, and whether they pan out or...

Fleet of Toaster-Sized Satellites Will Orbit Earth, Provide Near Real-Time Monitoring

In early January, Planet Labs sent 28 satellites to the international space station; earlier this month, NASA began deploying them into orbit. Sixteen of the toaster-sized satellites are already sending photos back to Earth, and the company hopes the fleet will revolutionize satellite imaging.

Squarepusher Explores ‘Emotional Machine Music’ With 78-Fingered Robot Guitarist

Worried about the impending robot takeover? Maybe you should be. Once confined to specific tasks, automatons are now capable of activities we tend to think reserved for human beings. Case in point? This music video performed...

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