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Monthly Archives: May 2014

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This Robot’s Been Programmed to Look You in the Eye at Just the Right Times

In design, a robot or animated character tends to evoke an increasingly positive emotional response as it more closely approximates human characteristics—but too close, and things go terribly wrong. It’s known as the uncanny...

3D Printed Organs, Blood Vessels and All, Takes a Big Step Toward Reality

There’s something a little creepy-sounding about the phrase “lab-grown organs,” but producing human organs in the lab could have a range of such powerful benefits that, if they became widely available, only the rare...

Singularity Surplus: Not, Contrary to Popular Belief, Impossible

3d printing houses, neighborhoods, and audio speakers; growing new cartilage in the lab; Congressional bipartisanship over online privacy.

Toyota’s Replacing Robots With Humans…So They Can Make Even Better Robots

Japan and car manufacturing are pretty much synonymous with robots. Some of the most advanced and practical bots hail from the former and work in the latter. It may, therefore, surprise you to learn Japanese...

Twitter-like Consumer App Arrives for the Internet of Things

While the Internet of Things continues to grow, its adoption is progressing much more slowly than that of, say, smartphones. The trouble may go back to Steve Jobs’s famous talking point: The Internet of Things lacks a common platform that “just works” the way the iPhone did. Freeboard and Dweet, two modular products from New York-based Bugs Labs, are trying to solve that problem.

Watch as These Colorful Robotic Swarms Respond to Human Gestures

Disney is taking animation into three-dimensions to restore its ability to wow audiences. A research team affiliated with the company recently presented a swarm of 75 watch-sized robots whose colors and formations can be controlled with a drawing app.

Have researchers found the ‘fattening gene’?

Collaborating German and Japanese scientists have studied mice lacking a gene that plays a central role in energy metabolism. Their findings? The mice maintain their normal weight, despite consuming foods high in fats. "We established that Sirt7-knockout mice...

Why Vicarious’ $50M Investment Round Matters for Entrepreneurs

Check this out. A company of 10 employees that's raised $50M of investment from Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel and Ashton Kutcher, just to name a few. Few things make me...

Human Skin Grown From Stem Cells Replicates The Real Thing

Researchers have successfully produced skin in the lab that reproduces the skin barrier. The advance presents a viable alternative to animal testing for cosmetics.

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