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Monthly Archives: December 2014

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This Week’s Awesome Stories from Around the Web (Through Dec 6)

It's a fairly universal truth that things can always get better. But gains in computing don't guarantee that technological advances immediately translate into lifestyle improvements. In time, problems introduced with technology tend to sort themselves out, but in an age when everything is accelerating, we...

Graphene Armor Would Be Light, Flexible and Far Stronger Than Steel

Who needs science fiction? Nature is a wealth of imaginative plot twists. Take carbon. Carbon is common. It’s the fourth most abundant element in the universe. And yet, carbon is also exceptional. It’s the elemental...

Short Space Film “Wanderers” Reminds Us We Are All Explorers 

Wanderers is an inspiring vision of humanity’s expansion beyond planet earth, showing digital recreations of actual places in the Solar System, built from photos and maps that we might find if we remember that we...

Should scientists attempt to create artificial life?

The idea of creating life from scratch is deeply rooted in the imagination, from ancient mythology up to modern science fiction. Yet recent scientific advances in understanding what defines life at the molecular level has...

The Day You’ll Prefer Robots to Humans

Finally, the robot revolution is arriving. There's a Cambrian explosion in robotics, with species of all sizes, shapes and modes of mobility crawling out of the muck of the lab and onto the terra firma...

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