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Monthly Archives: October 2015

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Playing 20 Questions by ‘Telepathy’? Big Score for Brain-to-Brain Communication

Interpersonal communication just got a lot more intimate. So intimate, in fact, that two strangers — physically separated by a mile — can literally get into each other’s heads to solve problems together, using only...

How Should We Prepare for the AI Revolution? Ray Kurzweil Responds in This Q&A [Video]

On the cusp of a far-reaching revolution thanks to the advances in artificial intelligence and computing, it's easy to feel a bit...concerned. Well, maybe more than just a bit, especially if you consider societal attitudes about technology. Truth is that...

This Week’s Awesome Stories from Around the Web (Through Oct 3)

ROBOTICS: The word ‘robot’ is meaningless. Why are we still saying it? Kevin Roose | Fusion "The word 'robot' may end up becoming little more than a rhetorical flourish for companies hoping to signal their interest in innovation. 'It’s...

Taking Flight: Meet the Startups of the 2015 Inaugural SU Labs Accelerator

This Monday (September 28th) we welcomed the first group of startups entering the inaugural SU Labs Accelerator. The accelerator is a rigorous 10-week track in which seven startups progress through a series of boot...

Our Star Trek-like Future Awaits on This Week’s Episode of Ask an Expert [VIDEO]

If you consider how much of our world's systems revolve around scarcity — from basic needs like food and shelter to quality-of-life improving desirables — it's no wonder that the resource-abundant world of the Star Trek universe would...

Who Will Become the First Martian? A Rundown of the Race to the Red Planet

In Ridley Scott’s film version of Andy Weir’s The Martian, to be released October 2, astronaut Mark Watney has to eat potatoes by himself on Mars after a dust storm strands him there. NASA...

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