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This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through February 9)

AUTOMATION The Rise of the Robot Reporter Jaclyn Paiser | The New York Times "In addition to covering company earnings for Bloomberg, robot reporters have been prolific...

How New 2D Materials Convert Wi-Fi Signals to Electricity

Our eyes are only attuned to a narrow band of possible wavelengths for electromagnetic radiation, between around 390-700 nanometers. If you could see the...

Marshmello’s Fortnite Performance Hints at the Mindblowing Potential for Huge Shared Virtual Events

An interesting moment at the intersection of digital entertainment, virtual reality, music, and gaming took place this past weekend. It may be remembered as...

Controversial ‘Gene Drives’ Just Worked in Mammals for the First Time

The phrase “gene drive” often sends a shudder down a scientist’s spine: one of awe, dread, and wonder. Tiny snippets of engineered DNA, gene drives...

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