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Andrew J. O'Keefe II

Andrew J. O'Keefe II

Andrew operates as a media producer and archivist. Generating backups of critical cultural data, he has worked across various industries — entertainment, art, and technology — telling emerging stories via recording and distribution.

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How Microfactories Can Bring Iterative Manufacturing to the Masses

Humans manufacture a mind-numbing amount of stuff each year—ever wonder how we do it? In the past 100 or more years, it’s been all about economies of scale. This means you should make a lot of...

Human-Like Robot Interviewed at SXSW—It’s Here to Help and Destroy [Video]

Meet Sophia, a new human-like robot exhibited by Hanson Robotics at the SXSW festival. Sophia has a variety of features that make interactions with a human appear ordinary. Employing a number of facial expressions and...

See a Vision of the Jobless Future in This Beautiful Short Film

What would a fully automated future without jobs look like? The Guardian recently released an animated short set in a time when machines dominate the workforce. The story follows the last human worker going...

Why Prospecting Asteroids for Precious Resources Is Now Possible [Video]

Today’s world is built on a foundation of material objects, and Earth is the only place to obtain the natural resources that modern life depends on. But maybe not for much longer. Most of the...

Have We Finally Achieved Information Immortality?

The way information is stored and shared may now be forever changed thanks to a recent major five-dimensional (5D) digital data recording and retrieval announcement. Scientists from the University of Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Centre...

An Inside Look at the SU Labs Startup Accelerator: The Entrepreneur’s Journey

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur aspiring to launch a startup? Increasingly, you’re not alone. Developing technologies are opening entrepreneurship up to more people, while successful new startups are popping up around innovation hubs...

Why Edward Snowden Showed Up to CES as a Robot, and What He Had to Say

While technologies such as smartphones, the internet, and social networks offer opportunities for more direct social action than ever before—they also amplify the power and impact of governmental institutions, political organizations and even terrorist...

Ray Kurzweil on Giving Future AI the Right to Vote [Video]

All technology impacts our individual daily lives one way or another—but perhaps no technology makes us question our collective humanity as much as artificial intelligence. Ray Kurzweil, inventor and futurist, spoke to an audience during...

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