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Jason Dorrier

Jason Dorrier

Jason is managing editor of Singularity Hub. He did research and wrote about finance and economics before moving on to science, technology, and the future. He is curious about pretty much everything, and sad he'll only ever know a tiny fraction of it all.

From This Author

Liquid Robotics Aims to Usher in Era of Smart Oceans With Autonomous Robots

When Liquid Robotics’ Ed Lu dreams, he sees thousands of his firm’s Wave Gliders blanketing the sea—a smart grid for the ocean. It may yet be a dream, but Lu’s vision isn’t terribly far...

Boston Dynamics Robot Cheetah Outruns Swiftest Human

Usain Bolt, the fastest human in history, has been outpaced by a robot. Catchy hook, huh? Fact is, Boston Dynamics’ Cheetah was outrunning the rest of us six months ago when it clocked its then...

Tech Billionaire Milner Aims to Accelerate Progress by Bankrolling Science

Ever imagine you’d see $27 million in physics prizes awarded in one fell swoop? Me either. Reportedly, Alan Guth was likewise “knocked off his feet” after receiving one of nine inaugural Fundamental Physics Prizes...

3D Printed Homes? Here’s The Scoop

In a recent TEDx presentation, Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis, a USC engineering professor, showed off a prototype 3D printer he says may one day construct buildings in 20 hours. In the presentation, the printer extrudes...

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