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Peter Murray

Peter Murray was born in Boston in 1973. He earned a PhD in neuroscience at the University of Maryland, Baltimore studying gene expression in the neocortex. Following his dissertation work he spent three years as a post-doctoral fellow at the same university studying brain mechanisms of pain and motor control. He completed a collection of short stories in 2010 and has been writing for Singularity Hub since March 2011.

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Miracle Powder Regrows Fingers, Now Thigh Muscle for Marine

It was only a year ago that ACell's "miracle powder" was sprinkled on amputated fingers and shown to stimulate the regeneration of fingertips. The world was both awed and skeptical of the powder's regenerative...

After a Bumpy Ride China’s New High-Speed Rail Takes off at Almost 200mph

The world is poised for another railroad revolution, and China intends to lead the way. On July 1st China’s new CRH380 high-speed train began commercial service as it pushed off for the first time...

Mind Reader Company Valued At $200+ Million In New Funding Round (video)

A new brain recording device is changing the way scientists study the brain. Its miniature size and innovative recording capabilities allow data to be transmitted directly to a computer while we’re asleep at home....

China Begins Construction of Megacity Four Times the Population of New York

Imagine a city larger than all of Switzerland, twice the size of New Jersey, or with four times the population of New York City. Such a city is being built in southern China. Construction began...

World’s Largest Model Airport Completed In Hamburg, Germany -150 Square Meters Costing $4.8 Million

The world belongs to the energetic. If they be dreamers too, then theirs will be a beautiful world. Frederik and Gerrit Braun, energetic twin brothers with no shortage of dreams, have just finished construction of...

Billionaire Thrillseeker Richard Branson to Pilot a Submarine to The Deepest Parts of the Ocean (video)

After conquering space, what’s a billionaire to do? Conquer the oceans, of course. Later this year, Virgin mogul Sir Richard Branson plans to launch a series of five expeditions to boldly go where no one has...

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