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Singularity Hub Staff

Singularity Hub Staff

Singularity Hub chronicles technological progress by highlighting the breakthroughs and issues shaping the future as well as supporting a global community of smart, passionate, action-oriented people who want to change the world.

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Join Us Live at Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine This Week

New technology is pushing medicine into exciting frontiers, and it’s getting better each year. Augmented reality is enhancing surgical training, machine learning algorithms are improving medical diagnostics, and the FDA is breaking ground with...

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through November 4)

TRANSPORTATION Who's Ready to Put Their Kid on a Self-Driving School Bus? Aarian Marshall | Wired “The designers know the concept is provocative, but they think it points to a bigger truth: You’ll know autonomous vehicles are...

Why the Customer Is the Center of Everything in the Membership Economy

In an interview with Lisa Kay Solomon, chair of Transformational Practices at Singularity University, at SU’s Global Summit in San Francisco, Robbie Baxter described the concept of the membership economy, a business model that’s...

Einstein Was a Genius, But Was He Always Right?

Einstein was a genius, there’s no debating that. He was a Nobel Prize-winner who changed our understanding of nature more than anyone since Newton. Einstein is famous for his theory of relativity, his pioneering work...

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through October 28)

INTERNET OF THINGS Amazon Key Is a New Service That Lets Couriers Unlock Your Front Door Ben Popper | The Verge “When a courier arrives with a package for in-home delivery, they scan the barcode, sending a...

The Internet of Things Needs to Be Intelligent, Not Just Connected

In an interview at Singularity University’s Global Summit in San Francisco, Andreas Gal explained how his company is applying artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things (IoT). Gal is the former CTO of Mozilla and is...

The Search to Find Another Earth Like Ours Is Heating Up

Are there other planets out there like our own? If so, could other forms of life, intelligence, or civilizations inhabit them? This age-old question is a key part of the study of exoplanetology, the scientific...

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through October 21)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Stunning AI Breakthrough Takes Us One Step Closer to the Singularity George Dvorsky | Gizmodo “A new paper published in Nature today describes how the artificially intelligent system that defeated Go grandmaster Lee Sedol in 2016 got its digital...

How Leaders Can Create Social Impact in a Complex World

In an interview at Singularity University’s Global Summit in San Francisco, Adene Sacks discussed how social impact leadership is evolving in today’s world. Sacks said, “No one can go do it alone anymore. The social sector is not...

Should We Edit Human Genes? What You Need to Know

There’s a difference between editing genes in a person’s somatic cells and germline cells. Editing somatic cells, which are differentiated (e.g., skin cells) and non-reproductive, impacts them alone. In contrast, editing germline DNA means changes...

What Gaming Giant EA Knows About Bridging Creativity and Profit

In an interview at Singularity University’s Global Summit in San Francisco, Andy Billings spoke to us about how he’s bridging the gap between the creative and business sides of Electronic Arts, one of the world’s leading video game...

Here Are 3 Good Reasons Why It’s Time to Return to the Moon

Since 1962 when President John F. Kennedy declared, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade,”moon exploration has sparked the imagination. Today, Peter Diamandis says, moon exploration is as exciting as Alaska...

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