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Singularity Hub chronicles technological progress by highlighting the breakthroughs and issues shaping the future as well as supporting a global community of smart, passionate, action-oriented people who want to change the world.

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LIVESTREAM: Watch Exponential Medicine 2015 Live From San Diego

Each year, Singularity University descends on San Diego's Hotel Del Coronado for Exponential Medicine, a four-day conference exploring how technology is driving monumental change in health and medicine. (Go here for a great introduction to Exponential Medicine from Singularity University...

Announcing the Interactive Blog for the 2015 Graduate Studies Program

Every summer, Singularity University (SU) goes searching for ideas. Not any idea will do. It has to be a big, world-changing idea, and each of the 80 extremely bright entrepreneurs participating in the annual Graduate...

Announcing SU Videos, a New Portal for an Inside Look of Singularity University

How will you positively impact billions of people? At Singularity University, this question is often posed to program participants packed into the classroom at the NASA Research Park in the heart of Silicon Valley. Since 2009, select groups of entrepreneurs and innovators have had...

Google Pledges $3 Million to Singularity University to Make Graduate Studies Program Free of Charge

Google, a long-time supporter of Singularity University (SU), has agreed to a two-year, $3 million contribution to SU's flagship Graduate Studies Program (GSP). Google will become the program's title sponsor and ensure all successful direct applicants get...

Last Chance to Contribute to Singularity University Documentary Crowdfunding Campaign

Time is running out to help make the upcoming Singularity University documentary, The University, as good as it can be. Last month, director Matt Rutherford announced a $30,000 Indiegogo campaign to fund the film’s...

Ben Goertzel At The 2013 Graduate Studies Program

Ben Goertzel is a researcher in the field of artificial intelligence. He is involved in a host of tech companies and has written numerous books and research articles concerning the evolving relationship between humans...

Chris Wicher of IBM Watson at the 2013 Graduate Studies Program

Chris Wicher of IBM Watson explains the artificial intelligence behind the computer that competed on Jeopardy and is now tackling some of the world's greatest problems.

Eric Rasmussen at the 2013 Graduate Studies Program

Dr. Eric Rasmussen is Managing Director of California "Profit for Purpose" social business Infinitum Humanitarian Systems, which specializes in vulnerability reduction for systems and populations. In this talk, Dr. Rasmussen focuses on global public health...

Seth Shostak At The 2013 Graduate Studies Program

Seth Shostak is an astronomer and educator involved in SETI research. In this video, he provides an overview of astrobiology research and the search for life in the universe.

Steve Jurvetson on the Future of Design

Steve Jurveston -- the Managing Director of Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson -- offers insight into design, specifically calling out the errors of focusing on products rather than process. This 15-minute...

Space Panel at the 2013 Graduate Studies Program

Recorded during the 2013 Graduate Studies Program, a panel discussion about the future of space exploration and the role of government and commercial interests in the return to space. The participants include: Dan Barry -...

Global Grand Challenge Framing — 2013 Graduate Studies Program

This video filmed during the 2013 Graduate Studies Program presents Singularity University's efforts in tackling eight initiates dubbed Global Grand Challenges. A variety of speakers present the current state of each area offering insights...

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