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3D Printing

Latest significant advancements in 3D printing. Reporting on the far-reaching impacts of improvements in 3D printing on society and humanity.

3D Printing Delivers Functional Prosthetic Hands at a DIY Price

Dylan Laas, 12, says Robohand makes him look like Darth Vader. For $150, the 3-D printed Robohand also lets Dylan, who is missing the fingers on one hand as a result of Amniotic Band Syndrome, grab things with bendable fingers, which most prosthetic hands don’t.

Israeli Researchers Debut Software That Extracts 3-D Objects From Photos

When editing digital images, algorithms struggle to differentiate one object from another, even when it seems obvious to the human eye. Some Israeli researchers have developed a workaround software that prompts the human user to do the identifying work, and then allows the computer to do what it’s good at: turning the object into data that can be manipulated.

Musk Tests Oculus Rift, Leap Motion Controller to Design 3D Printed Rocket Parts

It’s been said Iron Man’s Tony Stark (the movie version) was modeled after Elon Musk. Apparently, the admiration's mutual. Musk is now modeling his space exploration firm, SpaceX, after Iron Man. Or Minority Report. Or name the sci-fi film or show with gesture-based 3D computer systems. (There are more.)

Sarah Murnaghan’s Two Double Lung Transplants Inspiring and Sobering

Sarah Murnaghan just turned eleven years old. She wouldn’t be here but for two lung donors, a crack team of surgeons, and a last-minute suspension of the rules.

MakerBot’s New Desktop 3D Scanner Ships in October

The new MakerBot Digitizer—a $1,400 desktop 3D scanner that ships in October—can make a digital copy of real objects. The new digital model will be a standard file type that you can print, share, or manipulate. The Digitizer scans objects on a turntable and constructs a digital 3D model using a camera and two lasers. The 3D model is watertight (i.e., no digital holes), within 2 mm the size of the original object, and captures detail down to 0.5 mm.

GSP 101 — Introduction to 3D Printing

Singularity University produces a series of "101" videos for the Graduate Studies Program to help acclimate the participants of the 2013 class to the emergent technologies that are shaping the world today. In this video,...

Amazon Jumps into 3D Printing With Online Shop

Last month, the office supply chain, Staples, joined the world of 3D printing. Adding to the momentum? Amazon is in too. Or at least that’s the story.vThe online retailer launched a new department offering 3D printers ($1,099 and up), 3D printing filament, parts and accessories (for those building their own machine), 3D printing books, and software, like CAD, to make 3D models.

NASA Puts Up Cash To Create Pizza-Making 3D Printer

In an attempt to not only expand the menu for Earth orbiters, but to also bring us one step closer to every Trekkie’s dream of a food replicator, NASA is funding a project that is aimed at creating a 3D printer to serve astronauts up some pizza.

3D Printed Windpipe Saves Baby’s Life

A group of resourceful doctors at the University of Michigan used 3D printing technology to give a young man a stint for his weakened trachea. Without the stint the boy’s prognosis was to never leave the hospital – and that was the best case scenario.

‘Anti-Gravity’ 3D Printer Uses Strands to Sculpt Shapes on Any Surface

3D printers build objects by cross-section, one layer at a time from the ground up—gravity is the limiting factor. But what if it wasn’t? Using proprietary 3D printing materials, Petr Novikov and Saša Jokić’s Mataerial 3D printing system is gravity independent. The duo’s method allows a robotic arm to print objects on floors, walls, ceilings—smooth and uneven surfaces.

You’ll Be Able to Buy a 3D Printer at Staples by the End of June

Though industrial firms have used additive technologies in rapid prototyping for years, the tech is still fresh and growing in the consumer segment. The latest sign of the 3D printer home invasion? Retail office supply chain, Staples, says they’ll sell the 3D Systems Cube 3D Printer online and in retail stores by the end of June.

New Device Keeps Liver Alive Outside Body

In what’s being called a medical first, doctors were able to keep a liver functioning outside the body and then transplant it into a patient.

First Fully 3D Printed Building May Take Shape This Year

We can 3D print the very small—check out these mindblowing nanoscale creations—but what about the very big? If a few bold architectural startups have anything to do with it, we may soon see the first...

Patient Receives 3D Printed Implant To Replace 75 Percent Of Skull

At the beginning of March of this year, a radical surgery was performed on an American patient: 75 percent of his skull was replaced with a 3D printed implant. The company that produced the implant, Oxford Performance Materials, made the announcement though offered little detail about the patient or the procedure. The surgery was given the green light by the Food and Drug Administration in February.

Exclusive Interview With Avi Reichental, CEO Of 3D Systems

Avi Reichental of 3D Systems stops by to chat with Founder of Singularity Hub, Keith Kleiner. In addition to his role as President and CEO of 3D Systems, Avi is also the Co-Chair for Nanotechnology and...

A 3D Printed Spaceship On The Scale Of A Human Hair? Hello Nanoscribe 3D Printer

3D printing has become one of the most exciting and talked about technologies of 2013. Last year, a group of researchers at the Vienna University of Technology in Austria refined a 3D printing technique that allowed the construction of sophisticated structures (a F1 racecar and a cathedral) smaller than dust mites in about 4 minutes. Now, a company called Nanoscribe GmbH that emerged from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany has made 3D printer called the Photonic Professional GT which can produce detailed structures on a similar scale but faster.

Human Ear Created With 3D Printer

Researchers have constructed a living human ear that looks and feels just like the real thing, and they made it with the help of a 3D printer.

3D Printing On The Frontlines — Army Deploying $2.8M Mobile Fabrication Labs

Throughout history, war and innovation have gone hand in hand, whether it's breakthroughs out of heavily funded R&D programs or makeshift contraptions thrown together with spare parts. Soldiers are trained to use the technology on hand to get the job done, one way or the other.

Kickstarter 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen Nothing of the Sort – But Somehow Raises $2 Million

Five days after launch on Kickstarter, the 3Doodler 3D printing pen boasted over 21,000 backers and $1.9 million in pledges. Their goal was $30,000! What’s so special about the 3Doodler? If nothing else, it rivals the lofty infomercial marketing heights of Slap Chop or ShamWow. But let’s get something straight—3Doodler is a crafting “pen” not a handheld 3D printing pen (whatever that even means).

AutoDesk and Organovo Team Up To Bring Printable Human Organs Closer

Bioprinting firm, Organovo, isn’t anywhere near 3D printing a hand or heart. But a recently announced partnership with 3D modeling software giant Autodesk (maker of AutoCAD) might speed things up a bit. As Autodesk’s Carlos Olguin says, “Life is becoming a nascent design space in an engineering sense. It’s subject to specs, subject to QA, it’s repeatable. Biology is becoming an engineering discipline.”

Turn Your Plastic Recyclables Into 3D Printing Spools With Filabot

3D printers are getting cooler every day, but there’s one component integral to 3D printing that normally gets overlooked – that is, until you have to pay for it. As many 3D hobbyists have...

After Merger, 3D Printing Industry Has A New Leader

‘Join and conquer’ – this seems to be the strategy behind a recent move by the world’s (formerly) second and third largest 3D printing companies. Stratasys, based in Minnesota, and Objet, based in Rehovot,...

3D Printing Goes Prime Time As Staples To Offer “Easy 3D” Service

Excited about the potential of 3D printing but not quite ready to invest in a printer for your home? Then you are just the market that Staples is looking to woo as it moves...

3D Printing “Photo Booths” Popping Up Across The World

It's no secret that 3D printing is one of the superstar emergent technologies of 2012. New 3D printers have been announced, crowdfunded projects launched, prices have dropped, and adoption among professionals and enthusiasts alike continue...

New At The Dentist: 3D Printing “Dental Crowns While You Wait”

The trip to the dentist just got a little less painful, at least in terms of time spent there. A new system is being used by a handful of dentists to scan patients’ teeth...

3D Printing Comes To The Disney Universe: Your Face “Frozen In Carbonite”

If you ever wanted to be frozen in carbonite like Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back, you'll have to wait a few years before cryonics technology makes it possible. But if you visited...

U.S. Army Embraces 3D Printers: “It’s Kind of a Magical Thing”

The following article was written by Singularity Hub Member David McNally from the U.S. Army's Research, Development and Engineering Command, and appeared on ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. (Oct. 3, 2012) -- When you walk...

Brusspup Goes Viral With Dazzling Optical Illusions

Like optical illusions? You’re going to love these. And the best part of it is, you can recreate them in your own home. A YouTube user who goes by the name of brusspup has garnered...

Low Cost, Professional 3D Printer (FormLabs) Breaks $1 Million On Kickstarter

The 3D printer space is getting crowded, but like many things, devices that are currently available fall into two camps: the high-end professional machines and the low-end DIY printers. Fortunately, this bimodal distribution of...

Free 123D Catch App Makes Your iPhone a 3D Scanner

In three years 3D scanners have gone from $30,000 to $3,000 to—$0.00?! AutoDesk’s free 123D Catch app is now available for the iPhone and iPad. Users can take up to 40 pictures, upload them...

3D Printed Homes? Here’s The Scoop

In a recent TEDx presentation, Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis, a USC engineering professor, showed off a prototype 3D printer he says may one day construct buildings in 20 hours. In the presentation, the printer extrudes...

3D Printed Prosthetics Company Bespoke Acquired By 3D Systems

Just like the creations which emerge from their printers, 3D Systems is incrementally growing. The high-end 3D printer maker is continuing its effort to acquire companies that will enable it to break into the...

3D Printing Is The Future Of Manufacturing And Neri Oxman Shows How Beautiful It Can Be

To be on forefront of a cutting edge field like 3D printing, the skill set required is pretty stacked. You need to be a designer, engineer, researcher, innovator, and technologist. You should be a...

Robots Poised To Take Over Your Living Room As 3D Systems Acquires My Robot Nation

The months old startup My Robot Nation was recently acquired by high-end 3D printing company, 3D Systems, adding yet another tool in their arsenal as they break into the consumer market. It’s a robotic...

Handheld 3D Scanner Lets You Digitize Objects And Rooms In Minutes

A Silicon Valley startup wants to give you the power to "scan your world" with a handheld scanner that rapidly creates 3D maps of objects and rooms, complete with colors and textures. While it...

3D Printing Robot Produces Chairs And Tables From Recycled Waste

Two years ago, a Dutch student named Dirk Vander Kooij was designing furniture and preparing for his graduation project when he was inspired by an old 3D printer. So he got his hands on...

On-Demand Robots From A 3D Printer

We’ve seen 3D printers churn out toys, bone models, chocolate, even human tissue. Now scientists at MIT want to print robots. Not the cool, stainless steel types that your kids will want to play...

3D Printer Cranks Out Exquisite Structures Smaller Than Dust Mites And Sets A New World Record

Researchers from the Vienna University of Technology have refined a 3D printing technique to make incredibly small structures at record-breaking speeds. The technique, called two-photon lithography, allows the sculpting of intricate objects with micron...

Another First For 3D Printing – Woman Receives Jaw Implant

An 83-year-old woman suffering from a lower jaw infection became the first person to receive a jaw implant manufactured with a 3D printer. Infections such as hers are normally remedied with reconstructive surgery, but...

2012 a Big Year for MakerBot – New 3D Printer, $Millions in Funding, and Huge Growth Ahead

Three years ago they had three employees and were still trying to keep their equipment from breaking down. Now MakerBot employs 75, has millions in funding, and 7500+ of their printers in use. The...

Robotics Meets Architecture: 50 Quadcopters To Autonomously Build 20ft Tower

A new generation of architects is on the march. Leaving their rulers and compasses behind, these builders are trading in their blueprints for algorithms and putting the finer details of design in the hands...

Surgeon Uses 3D Printer To Make Models Of Bone – And Saves Hospital Bookoo Bucks

While necessity is the mother of invention, frustratingly high costs can motivate us to ask if there’s another way. Mark Frame, an orthopedic surgeon in training, came up with a new way to make...

Origo’s 3D Printer Could Be The Last Toy Your Ten Year Old Will Ever Need

Origo may be the last toy you ever have to buy for your child. The prototype 3D printer under development by Artur Tchoukanov and Joris Peels allows children aged ten and up to design...

MakerBot Raises $10 Million in Funding! (And Sends Stephen Colbert’s Head Into Space)

Holy replicating robots, Batman! MakerBot has raised $10 million in venture funding! The New York based startup makes open source desktop scale 3D printers and is helping build a community of enthusiasts to bring...

3D Printers Are Taking Off But One in Every Home? Maybe in Another 10 Years

The 3D printer has come of age….well, almost. Let’s just say that after a tough hit from the recession, the 3D printer industry is back with a vengeance. Low-end sub-$1000 DIY projects to commercial...

Growing Human Organs — Dr. Anthony Atala Blows the Minds of a TED Audience

If there was ever a point in your career to unleash your inner magician, it’s at a TED conference, hands down. TED has emerged as the premier global event for satiating the intelligentsia’s appetite...

Makerbot 3D Printer Replicates Itself (Kind of)

Makerbot's 3D printer is starting to clone itself. Earlier this summer, Christian Arno (aka Webca) used the CupCake CNC to print out the frame for...another CupCake CNC. Usually made of wood, Webca's printer frame...

3D Printer Creates Fully Articulate Metal Robot Figures (Video)

I knew it was only a matter of time before someone used stainless steel 3D printing to make an awesome looking robot. Little did I realize that robot would be art, not automaton. Mani...

Robot Photo Studio From Ortery Replaces Photographers

Whenever I buy things online I'll click on the little images for the product and proceed to zoom and rotate until I've seen every angle of what I'm spending my money on. It's about...

Amazing Video of 3D Printer Art in Belgium

3D Printers are changing the way we approach fabrication and design, and I've just seen proof that they're impacting art as well. The M museum in Leuven, Belgium is running an amazing exhibition of...

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