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Tag: advanced materials

Welcome to Lab 2.0 Where Computers Replace Experimental Science

We spend our lives surrounded by high-tech materials and chemicals that make our batteries, solar cells and mobile phones work. But developing new technologies...

Why Your Smartphone’s Battery Sucks Is Finally Revealed

When it comes to modern consumer electronics, we all seem to be obsessed with finding an electrical outlet to charge up. That’s because the...

3D Printed Electronic Devices Are Coming

The handheld computers we carry in our pockets represent almost unimaginable complexity. Batteries, sensors, chips, circuits, and touch displays in a space age shell, all painstakingly...

Graphene Armor Would Be Light, Flexible and Far Stronger Than Steel

Who needs science fiction? Nature is a wealth of imaginative plot twists. Take carbon. Carbon is common. It’s the fourth most abundant element in...

New Artificial Materials Open Possibilities for Manned Space Exploration

Space exploration has many challenges, but one inconvenient fact in particular - the lack of oxygen in much of the universe - poses a...


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