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Brain-Computer Interface

Analysis and insight on brain-computer interfaces (BCI). Stay updated as Singularity Hub discusses the most important trends and research related to BCIs.

Monkey’s Thoughts Control Robot Halfway Across the World

The New York Times today reports on an awesome experiment in which thoughts were extracted from a monkey in the US and used to control a walking robot in Japan.  An electrode array implanted...

The Rise of the Cyborgs

Discover Magazine has just blown me away with a fascinating story on the current state of brain-computer interfaces (BCI).  The story cites numerous projects underway across the globe in which electrodes implanted into the...

Monkey Controls Robotic Arm Using Brain-machine Interface

In May the New York Times and many other outlets reported on the "most striking demonstration to date of brain-machine interface technology". From the article: "The findings suggest that brain-controlled prosthetics, while not practical, are...

A “Manhattan Project” for the Next Generation of Bionic Arms

Related to the IEEE special report on prosthetic arms is a fascinating article on prosthetic limbs that can take their signals directly from the nerves or even the brain of the user. As...

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