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Tag: diabetes

Could Having Too Much Become a Bigger Problem Than Having Too Little?

Years ago I traveled to Juarez, Mexico for work, staying across the border in El Paso, Texas and driving back and forth each day....

Bionic Pancreas Promises Big Boost in Health, Quality of Life for Type 1 Diabetics

Diabetes, despite affecting nearly 350 million people worldwide, is not really a controlled illness. Those who have the type 1 form of the illness,...

Stem Cells Repair, Strengthen Muscles in Aged Mice

Stanford’s Helen Blau, director of the Baxter Laboratory for Stem Cell Biology, studies a banal, but also ubiquitous, use of stem cells in the body: helping muscles repair themselves. The lab's most recent findings suggest that stem cell therapy could be used to help older patients recover from muscular injuries, for example from falls, or perhaps even weakness following surgery.

Google Dips Into Med-Tech With Glucose-Monitoring Contact Lenses

In recent weeks, Google said it would acquire Nest — whose signature product is an Internet-connected, self-adjusting thermostat — before venturing even farther afield with its announcement that it will bring to market a glucose-measuring contact lens for diabetics.

Eat Nuts, Live Longer? Study Says Yes

To live longer and healthier, the best current advice is exercise, maintain healthy weight and eat dark leafy greens. But we're likely to increasingly see eating nuts included in that list. Those who ate nuts nearly every day were 20 percent less likely to die in the course of two 30-year cohort studies. Nut eaters were almost 30 percent less likely to die of heart disease and more than 10 percent less likely to die of cancer than those who never at them.

FDA Approves Artificial Pancreas You Can Wear

The Food and Drug Administration recently issued its first-ever approval of an artificial pancreas that may make life easier and healthier for such patients. The device, made by Minneapolis-based Medtronics, relies on a computer algorithm to sync the results of a continuous reading of the wearer’s glucose levels and with a pump that provides appropriate amounts of insulin.

Injected Nanoparticles Maintain Blood Sugar Levels In Diabetic Mice For Ten Days

A new device comprised of nanoparticles monitors blood sugar levels and releases insulin when sugar levels get too high.

Scientists Cure Diabetes With Gene Therapy In Dogs – Will It Work On Humans?

Scientists have now cured diabetes – at least in a group of dogs – and they used a gene therapy to do it.

Lives Saved On The Go – FDA Approves Implantable Defibrillator

Each year in the United States about 325,000 people die due to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The vast majority of arrests occur at home,...

Fat America Keeps Getting Fatter

If America’s shorelines begin shrinking at an alarming rate, it may not be due to global warming. It may just be that we’re so...

At Least Half of Americans Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic by 2020

We have heard for years that diabetes is a serious problem in America, but people really do not like to listen. The result of...

Testing Your Blood Sugar with Your iPhone

Multinational pharmaceutical giant Sanofi Aventis just unveiled it's latest diabetes technology: a stand alone blood glucose monitor that can plug directly into your iPhone...


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