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Tag: driverless car

In Driverless Cars, Champion Racing Skills Will Come Standard

An Audi TTS tears around a California racetrack hitting speeds of 120 miles an hour and finessing turns like an elite driver. And it...

Self-Driving Cars Proposed as Solution to U.S. Highway Woes, Saving Money and Lives

Traffic congestion costs the U.S. economy $100 billion a year, according to Winston's research. Roughly 30,000 people die every year in car accidents, and many more are injured. Could self-driving cars bring those numbers down?

Toyota And Audi To Unveil Their Driverless Cars Next Week At CES

Given that California recently became the third state in the US to legalize driverless cars, it should come as no surprise that automakers are...

Google’s Self-Driving Car Passes 300,000 Miles, Employees To Start Commuting With It

The collective odometer of Google’s self-driving cars has just passed 300,000 miles. The engineering team celebrated with an announcement that they now feel the...

A Look At BMW’s Semi-Autonomous Driving Car

While robotic cars have a ways to go yet before rolling (themselves) out onto showroom floors, BMW is incorporating driver assistance features into its...

Google’s Driverless Car Causes Accident – Due To Human Error

As if to spite me just days after I was gushing about Google’s driverless Toyota Prius, they go and rear-end someone and cause a...

China Gains On Google in Driverless Car Race With 177 Mile Road Trip (video)

The race is on. Last month China cut their driverless car loose for a fully automated, 177 mile (286 km) road trip – all...

Volkswagen’s New “Temporary Autopilot” is Cruise Control on Steroids

Innovative car maker Volkswagen has just brought us that much closer to a driving experience in which we don’t actually have to drive. Their...

Driverless Cars Brought Closer to Reality as Nevada Passes Bill

There’s really not a whole lot in Nevada besides long highways and oil fields. But they do have Vegas, that desert oasis of high-density...


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