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Future of Learning

Analysis and insight on the future of learning. Stay updated as Singularity Hub discusses the most important trends related to the future of learning.

Put Down the Textbook: How VR Is Reimagining Classroom Education

We’ve spent the last month investigating many angles within virtual reality—from its implications on the web, to how VR can create peak emotional experiences on demand, to discussing whether it is okay if we...

Learning in an Era of Abundant Information and Fleeting Expertise

How to learn is changing, and it's changing fast. In the past, we used to learn by doing — we called them apprenticeships. Then the model shifted, and we learned by going to school. Now, it's going...

How Technology Is Crash Landing in Our Public Schools

Do we have an adequate system for sorting through the ten thousand plus different educational technology materials and programs available for integration into our public school systems? No. In fact, we do not have a...

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